Inspiration: Jenny Lawson

One of the bloggers that I admire is Jenny Lawson. I admire her candor. I am not a fan of the language she uses but it fits how she expresses herself. She is open and honest and direct. I enjoy her rants about daily life and her ability to create change. I do not have a red dress but I have red lips more often than not. I do not struggle with depression but at times I struggle with everything I have to do. I am sure we all struggle at some point. I like the way she united people and gave them a place to share. It often a word or action that changes the course of action. It is your ability to help others and be the voice of reason. You have the ability to do the action that create a positive change. You may not have a red dress but you do have the ability to be proud of who you are. We all have the ability to create a positive change in the world around us. The only question is what are you going to do?  Join our Pay it Forward Friends conversation.