Kids Drink Recipes: Chocolate Smoothie

Kids Drink Recipes: Chocolate Smoothie!

Kids Drink Recipes:I don’t know about you, but we are a smoothie loving house! Smoothies are such a great way to get some nutrients, and some servings of fruits (and veggies too!). And if you make them just right, your kids will love them too! This Kids Drink Recipe is my 4 year olds favorite thing to have for breakfast or a snack! It’s super easy to make and is packed with nutrients!

Check out this super easy Kids Drink Recipes:Chocolate Smoothie

Kids Drink Recipes: Chocolate Smoothie


  • Milk
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Chocolate powder
  • Something green! you can use spinach, kale, or in my case, it works! greens
  • Ice


  • smoothie2
  • Combine all your ingredients into a blender. I use about 1/2 a cup of each, 1 tablespoon of chocolate milk powder, and 2 scoops of Greens.
  • Blend until smooth, transfer into a fun cup and add a garnish of strawberry or banana, it's that easy!
    smoothie4 1

This Kids Drink Recipes: Chocolate Smoothie is sure to be a hit with your kids!  

It is a great way to sneak some veggies in for breakfast, or to give your child a treat that is sweet, and still good for them so you are both happy! A money saving tip about making smoothies, is don’t waste time buying frozen fruit, it is overly expensive! Just buy some fresh fruit, cut it into chunks and throw it in the freezer, much cheaper, and just as good!

Also, if you are going to smart making smoothies often, I highly recommend getting a great Blender! It is worth it when you get the perfect smoothie every time! I currently own a Blentec and I am in love, they are a little pricey, but worth it!

but if you are looking for a less expensive alternative, this Ninja Blender has great reviews, at a fraction of the cost!

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