Kids Easter Basket Ideas

Kids Easter Basket Ideas

I know Easter is coming, and I wanted to help you think of kid’s Easter basket ideas. Is there a special little girl in your life? I have one. I simply adore my daughter. She is pure sunshine except when she doesn’t get her way. Then we call her thunder. She is in fact in love with the Disney Princesses. We have had several mom and daughter moments talking about and watching the Disney Princesses. We have done our makeup and popped popcorn and then watched the movies I loved as a kid. The Little Mermaid has been my favorite growing up; I can still sing every song.

Kids Easter basket ideas with ©Disney Princess from Walmart

Easy Kids Easter Basket Ideas

I thought what better way to share my love for Disney Princess with my daughter than to create a princess themed Easter basket. I love to create Easter gifts for children. I headed to Walmart because they have a wide selection of Disney Princess products, and I selected this great plastic Easter basket with all of the Disney Princesses. I liked it because it will make a great beach bucket when Easter has passed. It also was large enough to fit in several Disney Princess goodies. They have a whole aisle of reasonably priced goodies that will delight your little princess.

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I personalized my daughter’s basket by buying some craft supplies from Walmart to go along with the Disney Princess crafts. I got my daughter bubbles because under the sea there are bubbles. I got her tattoos so she can be a member of the mermaids. I got her a drawing kit so she could invite her mermaid friends to make our crafts. I love blending store bought products with crafts that reinforce my theme. It allows me to create special memories with my daughter that we will have for years to come. We are going to make our own sandy beach snow globe to show Ariel’s home with items we find at the beach. I know that we will be taking our Princess Easter bucket and Ariel doll to the beach. We can collect most of the items below for our project there or purchase them at Walmart because they have a lot of Disney Princess products that make great Easter gifts for children.

Easter gifts for kids

Materials: Mason jar Waterproof glue Blue food coloring Shells Sand Water (I suggest using bottled water)

Easy beach themed snow globe craft for kids

To make our under the sea craft for your Disney Princess. You will need to place sand in the bottom of the Mason jar. Next put in the shells. Then put in some food coloring and add the water. You can then glue the lid on the jar, so it doesn’t leak. It is an easy way to share our love of the movie and remember the special time we had at the beach with their new Easter toys.

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I love creating excitement and memories that go beyond the single holiday. I know my daughter was elated when she received her Easter Basket. She was equally excited to know all of the items in the basket related to the sea. The giving of Easter Baskets is a tradition in our home and each year I include a craft to not only inspire creativity but to foster creating memories together. Easter gifts for children can be found at Walmart. The aisle with the Disney Princess products is a great place to start your shopping for the perfect gift for your daughter, nieces, family friend or someone like me who loves Disney Princesses.

Fun Kids Easter Basket Ideas with ©Disney Princess from Walmart

Kids Easter basket ideas

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ©Disney Princess. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ©Disney Princess. The opinions and text are all mine.