Being Kind Counts



I know you have been following my story for the past couple of days. The one where I told you I decided to make a change and engage myself in a challenge to be kind. I mean not just say it but to take action. I decided I needed help. I asked some friends. The joined me on the Being Kind Challenge. It has been really nice reading their posts because I get to see my idea taking shape in the hearts of others. It is really cool to see what people think of to help others. I am grateful they are not only sharing the idea but really embracing the lifestyle.

I thought I would share what happened. I helped start a school. That is a leap of faith as you know but sometimes you believe in something so strongly that they word “can’t” doesn’t enter your mind or heart. I knew the school would need things. We do not have a lot of money but I do have the ability to work and make money. I decided I would do what I could to help. I had the teachers make a wish list of wanted and needed items. I said put anything you need on here. The teacher did and one of the items was a TV. I ordered her one right there. The TV arrived and it wasn’t big enough. I took it back and spent more money and got the right size. My husband want to know where I got money for a TV I told him not to worry someone would pay me back.

I started the kindness project to help people so I have been posting about it. I get asked by companies all the time to try their products and they pay me to promote my post. I was offered a job yesterday because they wanted to help with my kindness project. I found the company that would pay for the TV. You see sometimes you need to have faith that if you are doing good deeds everything else will work itself out. The more time you spend helping others the more you realize you are capable of great things. I believe you begin to prioritize differently and you begin to see things differently.

I invite you to participate by doing a good deed and challenging two of your friends to do the same

Then log in your good deeds on


What is my good deed for the day? I plan on making baskets for three special people… find out more later.

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