Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe

Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe



So my daughter has been bugging me for months for me to “let her dye her hair”. I guess it’s my own fault since she has seen me with pink, purple, green, red, and black hair throughout her life. So I told her if she could wait until after her dance recital, and I could find something that didn’t involve putting chemicals in her hair, that I would let her. She told me a girl in her class had dyed her hair using Kool Aid. Yes! Then I remembered doing this as a kid and how easy it was to put in and get out. So I agreed. (Much to the dismay of her grandmother who was not happy with the idea ha!). I love using the Kool Aid method because its safe, easy, and most important, it’s temporary! It only lasts about a week (depending on how much you wash your hair). Perfect for a little pop of color in the summer or a special event. So are you ready to learn how to dye your hair with this Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe? Here we go!

You will need these for the Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe:



  • A super cute model
  • 3-5 packets of Kool Aid (depending on how thick your hair is)
  • Hot water (You can also use boiling for a brighter, longer lasting color)
  • A cup
  • A towel
  • Optional: Hair iron and aluminum foil

Here is how to dye your hair with Kool Aid:



Step 1: We used the “Dip-Dye” method to color my daughters hair. (Meaning we colored the ends). Make sure the hair is clean and dry. Brush the hair and put in a low ponytail. Decide how far you want the color up.



Step 2: Next you will decided on the color you want. (Here is a great chart that will tell you what colors you can make mixing different flavors of Kool Aid.) We decided on a pinkish red so we used 3 packets of pink lemonade and 1 packet of fruit punch. (Important, you will want to get the Unsweetened Kool Aid, otherwise your hair will be sticky!)  Put the powered from the packets in the bottom of the cup then add in 3/4 cups of HOT water. (You can also use boiling water but I would suggest this for older kids that you know will not wiggle around and burn themselves.)



Step 3: Dip your child’s hair into the cup as far up as you want the color to go. Set a timer for 10 minutes and hold their hair in the kool aid mix. (Longer for darker hair)



Step 4: Take your child’s hair out of the Kool Aid Mix and pat dry. Do not wash the hair for at least 24 hours. Style as normal! (Optional Step: if you want the color to last a little longer, while the hair is damp wrap in aluminum foil and run a hair iron over the hair to help seal in the color). This will last about a week!

How fun is that right!? We are going to do purple next time!

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