Lego Dimensions – Play Like A Kid Again

Disclaimer: The gift of Lego Dimensions was given to me to facilitate this review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are all mine. 

One of the best part of celebrating Christmas as an adult is getting to play with all the toys before you wrap them up. Come on, admit it! I know you do it too. In fact, when I was a kid I had an aunt who trusted me enough that she let me join in on her pre-christmas toy fun and let me play with my cousins’ toys before they were wrapped up. Ha that’s right, cous….I played with all your toys! I think it is only fair that if we are Santa’s helpers that we help out the Elves with some quality control testing.

Lego Dimensions Play Like A Kid AGain

Now I don’t play with all the toys but this year I could not pass up the chance to get the Lego Dimensions game out and take it for a test drive. When the package arrived containing the new Lego Dimensions game. I tore into it. I didn’t stop to breathe let alone read any of the directions. So I am painfully admitting to you my error so that you can learn from my mistake. Do not and I repeat do not build the portal before you start playing the video game.  In fact, had I slowed down to read the building instructions I would have seen this myself:

Lego Dimensions continue building with the in game building instructions

Luckily there is a great YouTube Video that explains how everything works. I suggest you watch it so you are ready to crack open that box and start playing.

Lego Dimensions starter pack comes with Wildstyle, Batman, and Gandalf.

 Building and creating things out of actual Lego bricks is a HUGE part of the fun of the Lego Dimensions game that you, ahem….I mean you kids won’t want to miss out on. Vehicles can all be upgraded twice. And get this, you can physically rebuild the bricks into the new upgraded vehicles as they appear in the game. As you try to defeat the evil Lord Vortech you will need the help of some friends along the way. The Starter Pack comes with Batman, Gandolf, and Wildstyle. That is just who you will start the adventure with. You can also get expansion packs with new characters and vehicles. Team packs include Jurrasic World (including Indominous Rex), Scooby Doo (oh yeah, the Mystery Machine), and Ninjago. There are also Level Packs and Fun Packs available to expand your play. You can get Super Woman, the witch from the Wizard of Oz, Bart Simpson, and Marty McFly.  I can’t wait to visit Springfield with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. Or walk down the yellow brick road with Scooby Doo. The fun is only limited by your imagination.

Lego Dimensions

This Christmas Eve, may I suggest you put the kids to bed early, grab some hot cocoa and cookies, and stay up all night playing Lego Dimensions while you wait for Santa. Make sure you don’t forget to put it back in the box and under the tree before the kids wake up. Merry Christmas!