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I am a lipstick girl and now I can say I am a Lip Ink Lip review girl. I tried their lip stain which was provided for my review. I love my job free lip products when you are a red lip girl is like the best thing ever. I used to wear MAC stay put lipstick. I made the switch. This stain works better and it is easier to make my own color with their three layer system. Lip Ink  Lip Review has a page where you can see how to mix up your favorite color from other brands to create the same look with their stain this is their Color Comparison chart.

Well you know I am busy I am a working mom and I am always eating. I mean working. I am always working! I am also someone who is kissing my children all the time. I have to find a solution to spitting on my children to get my lipstick off. I also some how managed to get lipstick all over the place when I do not wear a semi permanent option. I found that Lip Ink meets my needs and exceeds my color choice options. You will have to get used to the tingle but after the first time I knew what to expect and it doesn’t bother me at all.

I do suggest that you request a sample kit you will have to pay shipping but it is worth it. I have worn the sample kit for over a week. I would suggest that because you want to pick the right color. I have both lava red which is the one in the video and red which is the one in the picture. I am so excited each morning to put on my lipstain because it really makes me look better. This is the link to the free sample just pay shipping  ..

RED… You can Kiss those other brands good-bye

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