Lottery Winner

Wow! I didn’t win the lottery. You know the millions of dollars. I did win the lottery in life. There are several reasons why I am glad I did not win the lottery. I thought I would list them.
1) My husband would quit his job. This sound wonderful but he said he would spend 24/7 hanging out with me. I told him I can’t miss him if he didn’t go away.
2) We would have relatives coming out of the woodwork for handouts. You all know you have relatives that are best left outside of the family tree.
3) We would have to hire a team to manage the money. My husbands current strategy on money management is lets not spend money then we do not have to balance a checkbook. Yes, I handle the bills… I mean who doesn’t balance a checkbook.
4) I have never owned a car that I haven’t dinged I would feel really bad if I hit something in my new red rolls convertible.
5) I would be forced to move to another house. I would have to justify all of the things under the house I needed but do not use.
6) I would have to find a new house in a different state. The house would most likely have larger closets and I would be forced to shop until they were filled.
7) I would be overdressed for every event because I would feel the need to wear amazing clothes everywhere including the grocery store where I would pull out my coupons from my Louis Vuitton holder.
8) I would have a difficult time writing a frugal blog when I had millions. I mean who would read my blog? what would I write about I save $1,000,000 off my newest house because I brokered the deal on the last day of the month after taking them out for drinks.
9) I know I  would want to travel and I would feel the need to bring people to help me with the kids. I really do not want other people raising my kids but with nap schedules and time change we would never leave the hotel otherwise.
10) I would have to figure out who my real friends are all the time. We would be the Jones and I actually like not being a Jones.

Why it would have been nice to win the lottery.
1) I could actually be able to tell them people who send me spam email that I have more money than they do so bug off
2) I could afford to pay off our kid’s college funds
3) I would pay off everyone’s in my family and husband’s family mortgages
4) I would put trust funds aside for our parents so they could quit working
5) We could help the causes we care about
6) I could open up a school for children with disabilities and teach there.
7) I could have thousands of $100 stories. I would be able to do one everyday!! That would be the best!
8) I would never have to think about what we could afford. I could up my all about me budget to more than $20 a week.
9) I could do as many envelop drops as I wanted. In fact I could have a team to help me drop envelops.
10) I would not every have to do the laundry or empty the dishwasher again.


Why are you glad you didn’t win the big prize… Lets have some fun 🙂