Easy Parmesan Shrimp Pasta Recipe

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Mom! What is for dinner? Me: “Mom, what is for dinner?” Oh, wait! I am mom. I am the one responsible for making dinner. The panic sets in because you forgot that dinner needs to be served. You may also be like me and forgot on purpose or we can blame it on the fact that we were so involved in helping with homework that time got away from us.

Panic is soon replaced with a plan.

You run to your cabinet, and you cleared the pile of backpacks with a high jump that is Olympic worthy. You open the door and await the moment where the light shines and the answer to the “what is for dinner question” is resolved for you. Then suddenly it hits you. You bought a couple of those Marie Callender’s Family Recipes Dry Dinner Mixes for nights like these. The nights when you need a life raft because you are in fact on the island of deficient in dinner ideas. You cling to the bag and relive the last meal you made with it. The Parmesan Garlic is your cabinet staple. You have used this as the base for some of your families favorite recipes. You love that you can serve this by itself as dinner or as a side or you can create a recipe of your own.

When you eat well you feel great this dish will warm you from the inside out.

Tonight we will make a Parmesan Garlic Shrimp Pasta with Bacon Dish over Garlic Spinach.



Marie Callender’s Family Recipes Dry Dinner Mix Parmesan Garlic Flavor
Three slices of bacon
2 cups of spinach
2 TBS of olive oil
1 TBS of garlic
1 Bag of Frozen Cooked shrimp
1 Cup of Grape Tomatoes

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You will need to cook the bacon until crisp. I cheat and use my microwave oven. You could also cook it in a pan on the stove and then use the leftover grease as the base for your spinach. It is good but not as healthy as using the olive oil.

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While the bacon is cooking in a pan place 1 TBS of olive oil and cook the shrimp.

While that is cooking, prepare the Marie Callender’s Family Recipes Dry Dinner Mix Parmesan Garlic flavor pasta. You will place the 2 1/2 cups of milk or milk and cream mixture in the pan. Then place in the 3/4 cups of water. Finally, add in the 2TBS of butter. Then add in the star which is the Marie Callender’s pasta but do not forget to add the cheese mixture. I assure you this is an amazing pasta dish. My kids love it!

Then in another pan or after the shrimp is cooked you place 1TBS of olive oil in the pan and 1 TBS of garlic and tomatoes. I leave it on medium heat for one minute then I add the spinach. You want to keep turning the tomatoes to make sure they cook evenly.

In order to plate this dish put the Marie Callender’s Family Recipes Dry Dinner Mixes Parmesan Garlic Pasta on the bottom. Then place the spinach on top. I then layer on the shrimp. You can’t forget to top the dish with broken bacon.

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Voila! It is like you knew all along what was for dinner. I am so appreciative of the help that Marie Callender’s Family Dinners Dry Dinner Mixes provided me. I love having a healthy and easy base for my meals that I can pick up at my local Walmart in the dry food and pasta aisle. They are a wonderful addition to every lunch and dinner.

Real advice Gal Tip- I take half of the pasta and use it for lunch with some tuna fish when my husband isn’t in town for dinner. The Marie Callender’s garlic pasta offers so many solutions to the cry for what’s for dinner.

Marie Callender's Family Recipes Dry Dinner Mixes at Walmart

I highly recommend that you grab some Marie Callender’s Family Dinners Dry Dinner Mixes now! These are only available in store at Walmart.