Pay Less use a Grocery Price List


   Pay Less by using and keeping a Grocery Price list.

Grocery Price list

a Grocery Price list features products that are “Good Buys.” A good buy is a product at its best price. It is a product that you need and use on a regular basis. It is one that you would have bought because you need it. What makes it a Good Buy is that you bought it at a price that is less than what it normally cost. It then become more valuable because you spent less. I use the example of I pay less for my Lucky Charms because I use a Lucky Charms Coupon. I am not embarrassed that my cereal cost less than what you paid. I am actually proud of myself for buying the same product and spending less. I would love to share my Good Buy price list  and Free Printable Grocery Shopping list with you. Let me know what we should add.

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