PB&J is the Food for Kids Party

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PB&J is the Food for Kids Party #MyPBJMoment

Time for a delicious PB&J kids party!

This is my year to find balance. I often struggle with choosing between grape or strawberry jelly on my PB&J, so I decided my new found balance is to have them both at the same time. It also appears this was a family issue since my youngest wanted to find balance with both Smucker’s jelly and Jif peanut butter. The oldest is team strawberry and the diva well, she is team grape!

Create a fun and delicious kids PB&J party with Jif and Smuckers.

I recently put together an easy party for kids by serving the best snack I know for my kids and my nieces and nephew, my long time favorite go to sandwich that I crave a PB&J. My sister and I vowed that even though we live 14 hours by car away from one another that our kids would grow up with one another. We would use technology and around the holidays, one of us would come to the other. This year was my sisters turn to come to our house. I decided that I would do something special for the kids. It isn’t a secret that having children of all different ages and taste buds is difficult, but it never ceases to amaze me that PB&J is a commonality that almost all kids share.

Make a yummy PB&J for your next kids party.

PB&J is a great kids party food idea!

We often gather up our children for a party. We have done several over the years, and each one paired a favorite memory of ours with a new memory that we created for our children. We had a tea party one year because my sister and I both love tea. This year I created the PB&J party to partner my favorite sandwich with a new memory with our kids. I will say I made way too many PB&Js that is easy to do since they are so quick to throw together. I ended up throwing them in the freezer for their lunchboxes the next day. The cousins were leaving in the morning so I knew that the PB&Js would travel well with them to their new destination.

PB&J is kids approved for their next fun party.

A fun party is not complete without yummy food like PB&J sandwich, a great kids party food idea.

Yummy PB&J is a great kids party food idea.

Why is PB&J the best food for kids parties? Well, the truth is variety. I had some children that like strawberry jelly and some that like grape and some that like both together. I am easily able to accommodate their requests. In fact, PB&J is such a great kids party food idea because they can help you make the food. We have even used our favorite PB&J flavors in these popular recipes which are also great food ideas for kids parties. I would also consider cutting these up or using cookie cutters to fit your party theme it is one of those easy ideas to help create a memory your child will have forever.

PB&J party is fun and delicious. Make sure to add this to your kids party food menu.

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