RapidLash Review

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RapidLash Review

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I am Amee, and I am eye lashed obsessed. It all started when my best friend got me lash extensions. Then my depression set in when I didn’t have the time to keep getting them filled in. I was so upset. I began searching the web for an answer to my now non existent eyelashes. I tried every mascara I could. I even bought some that cost $30.00. I know that is nuts but like I said I had eyelash issues.

Then this email came to my box asking if I would be interested in trying RapidLash. Was I interested? Do you eat cookies with milk? Yes! I was all in. I needed a solution and I needed one that fit into my schedule. I needed something I could do with three kids and a full schedule. I needed RapidLash. RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a clinically-proven, paraben free formula that helps enhance, condition and strengthen lashes and brows. It is for both men and women. It has never been tested on animals it is both fragrance-free and ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and is safe for contact lens wearers. That means that it is a great addition to your beauty routine. RapidLash is not a prescription, it is a cosmetic, over-the-counter product proven to transform your lashes and brows.

prior to serum
Before pictures

eye lashes prior to lash serum

This is how my RapidLash story went down. I get up in the morning and I take my shower. I dry my hair and then I put on RapidLash. It goes on in seconds. You just swipe it from one corner of your eye to the other. I also used it on my brow. I somehow over plucked an eyebrow or had a bad wax experience. I can’t remember but there was this little area that was missing hair and required a brush of eyeshadow prior to my RapidLash treatments. The result started to show after about three weeks and I am very pleased.

I am grateful that I will not need to clump on mascara and the RapidLash goes on quickly. I hate wearing mascara because I have eyes that tear. I was looking for something that would enhance my lashes without the black gunk.

After 3 weeks:


The great thing is  RapidLash is an over the counter eyelash serum that can be purchased at a variety of retailer locations and e-commerce websites:

You can buy it in the following stores: CVS, ULTA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and Kohl’s.
Or if you shop online like me all the time you can find it at: CVS.com, ULTA.com, BBB.com, Kohls.com, drugstore.com, dermstore.com, skinstore.com, Walmart.com, Costco.com.
I am excited to continue using this product since most users see results in 8 weeks.I can already tell that my lashes are shiny and they look great. I am excited to put away my mascara and take out my RapidLash!

You can also buy Rapidlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum here >>> Amazon


rapidlash review

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