How to Save on Halloween Treats

How to Save on Halloween Treats

How to Save on Halloween Treats

Whether trick or treaters are coming to your door or there are kids at your Halloween party you want to have some great treats on hand. You don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money buying them, though. Here are some tips on how to save on Halloween treats for party guests or trick or treaters.

My Tips on How to Save on Halloween Treats

When giving treats at your door, you want to make sure everything is individually wrapped so keep that in mind when buying your treats. Chocolate is always the most expensive candy so try to avoid buying it. Your best bet for inexpensive candy will be lollipops and bubble gum. You can check your local store’s sales or do what I do. I go right to the dollar store. They have all the candy you will need and you can also get the treat bags if you want to make little bags of candy and other treats to give out.

If you are having a party at your house it’s okay to use candy that isn’t individually wrapped. I like to set out bowls of each candy or treat with spoons. Each guest gets a treat bag and they can fill their bags buffet style. Each kid gets to pick what they want to go in their bag. Don’t forget, chocolate may be more expensive so stick with assorted chewy candies, lollipops and gum. Kids seem to love the buffet style treat table because they get to do their own thing and not get anything they really don’t like in their bag.

You can also find inexpensive treats like stickers, pencils or mini toys at the dollar store. Candy is nice but kids will love these other little treats just as much or maybe even more. When thinking of beverages for a party, instead of buying the more expensive single serve juices, make a big bowl of punch. Give each child a plastic cup with their name written on it. I think having a punch bowl is more fun than juice boxes and it’s definitely more frugal.

If you aren’t shopping at the dollar store because you prefer your local grocery store or someplace else, you can still save money on Halloween treats. Check your store’s circular and look for coupons online or in the Sunday paper. With Halloween so close, you should find some really good sales and coupons to go along with them for maximum savings. You can also buy candy and treats in bulk to save money. Single serving bags of chips or packs of cookies from Costco or Sam’s Club are inexpensive Halloween treats that kids will love.

You can serve some really great Halloween treats to party guests and trick or treaters without spending a whole lot of money. Use our tips on how to save on Halloween treats and you are sure to be the best Halloween host on the block!

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