Saving on Heating Costs

Saving on Heating Costs

Budget Savings Tip #6

Today I spent ten dollars. I am sure you are asking how did you save $5. The answer is simple I know that the $10 I spent will result in several $5 savings. What is it I did. Well we replaced the Weather Strip on the bottom of our front door. Then we went on to replace the strips on all external doors. We have lived in our house for several years and we have begun to notice a horrible draft every time we walk by the doors. We could literally feel our money going right out under the door.

If you want to create savings on heating costs you have to make simple changes. I think this simple change which was achieved by removing the door. Then you take off the older Weather Stripping and simple nail or adhere the new one. Then you put the door back up and Voila the draft is sealed for under $10. I will let you know how much our bill goes down. I am sure it will be more than $10 this month.


This 2013 our goal is to save more money! MadameDeals is all about Making Dollar$ Out of Change, so everyday we will be sharing some useful and simple tips that we can easily do. Saving a few buck$ may not be a lot, but if you will combine all the savings that you can get within a year, I’m sure you’ll all be surprised with the result.

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