Your Secret Guide To the Best Deal in Workout Activewear

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Your Secret Guide To the Best Deal in Workout Activewear

Your Secret Guide To the Best Deal in Workout Activewear

If I were listing tools of torture surely, exercise clothes would be close to the top of the list. The endless possibilities met with my unwavering fear of picking an outfit that didn’t cause enough friction to set my thighs on fire really weighed on my mind. I too started out going to the gym wearing the baggy t-shirt and pants because surely that is what people wear. Right? I wanted to lose my struggles under the large t-shirt and those black cargo pants that would hide every cookie I ever ate under their pockets.

The brevity of my exercise fashion dilemma was only met with my desire to hide behind my perceived struggles. I went to my first group exercise class in my t-shirt and cargo pants. I jumped, pushed, pulled, lifted, rested, jumped, stretched and pushed my t-shirt out of my face. I moved it down and tried to place it firmly in position as I again tried to bounce, lift, push, pull, and do another set. If the t-shirt twisting and bouncing weren’t enough my cargo pants were going north and were reminiscent of the time I was in elementary school and the wedgie was as common as that cardboard pizza. You can only imagine that I was not only out of breath from the class, but I was overwhelmed with trying to follow the instructor and not flash the class. You would think that would have been the last time I wore that outfit, but it wasn’t. I wore it again, and it wasn’t until I realized I put my shirt on backward and walked into class that I realized an intervention was in order. If you can’t tell the front from the back, then you are surely depleting all your oxygen while making the mad dash to the gym in the morning.

I struggle with the grab and go. You have two minutes to get dressed in between making breakfast, packing lunches, setting monumental arguments, and trying to put everyone in the car the first time. I desperately needed a tool that helped me get to the gym. I wanted something that made my choice easier. I wanted clothes that supported my decision to become the best version of myself and didn’t increase my anxiety over working out. You know what I wanted an outfit that showed my daughter that I was proud of my body. I no longer wanted to hide my lump, bumps, and other stuff. I was ready to embrace my body, and I needed to see where I wanted to work. I also wanted clothes that were designed for working out.

I headed to the store. I tried on pants and shirts and sports bras. I emerged victorious in one amazing outfit. I felt that everything was firmly in place like a toddler sucking on their pacifier. I took off my outfit and I looked over the tags. I was about to spend $130 on one outfit to go to the gym. How can a sports bra, shirt, and exercise pants cost more than my weekly food budget? Then I thought if we went without grocery shopping that week I could have that outfit. I knew I had to put my perfect look back because three hungry children were far worse than the wind created by the flapping t-shirt.

I returned home defeated and sad. I decided I might as well do laundry since it was the perfect ending to my day. I turned on the Television, and I saw the commercial for Fabletics, an activewear deal that I can’t pass. The first outfit was less than the sports bra I selected. Honestly, I wanted to see if the outfits were as nice as the one I didn’t buy in the store. I grabbed my laptop and went through the selection process. I picked the yoga lot of clothes because I figured if they stayed put while you were upside down then the clothes would work for any and all exercise I did. I liked my choices. I picked

I like the look. So how do they feel? What do I think now that I have them home? You can see the first part of my Fabletics review by watching my video of opening them here.

This is what they look like. Do they work? Yes! The best part is I can get three outfits for the price of the one I started with. I, of course, can’t afford to get all three at once, but that is okay because I can get one a month. I put together a fitness calendar if I go to the gym 3 or more times a week for the month the reward is something new from Fabletics. I found that they have all kinds of sales and deals in workout gear once you are on their VIP email list.

Your Secret Guide To the Best Deal in Workout Activewear


fabletics activewear

Fabletics offers top quality, stylish activewear for every woman. It is co-founded, designed and inspired by Kate Hudson, actress, athlete, and mother. All you have to do is take a quick & easy fit quiz to allow Fabletics to get to know you and your activewear preferences. Then, they will complete outfits that they think are perfect for your lifestyle.

This is what you need for the perfect exercise outfit
All you have to do is Sign Up For Fabletics VIP Membership And Get Your First Outfit for $25, With Fast Shipping & Free Exchanges! It is monthly subscription but you can skip the month, and you won’t be charged.

1) It needs to be your size.
2) One that stays in place when you move.
3) One that holds all your parts where they belong.
4) One that is made with breathable and stretchable fabric.
5) Fabric the repels sweat. Yes, you will sweat.

Let me know if you retired your ugly, unflattering, and painful exercise outfit for one that is designed to help you achieve your better self-goals!