Select Blinds review

Select Blinds Review!

Recently, I got to review an awesome Disney Cordless Blackout Roller Shade from Select Blinds. My little girl loves her room, but it faces directly into the sun, so that was always a problem for me, especially in the summer when the sun comes up so early. So when I got the chance to work with select blinds I was thrilled! They have a huge selection of quality made blinds for every room of your house. My favorite products offered on their website was their selection of Disney Window Shades! They have blinds perfect for boys and girls. Their huge selection of characters range from Disney Princesses, Cars, Tinkerbell, Toy Story, and even classic Disney!

Here is how Select Blinds helped me bring some Disney Magic to my Daughters room:

Before installing the Disney Cordless Blackout Roller Shades from Select Blinds this is what I had to do to keep the sunlight out of my daughters room. I had a curtain, then blinds, and then a sheer curtain over the curtain. Needless to say it was clunky looking, and she was always trying to pull at the curtains so she could see outside.  So when the box that containing my shade from select blinds came in I was beyond thrilled!

Installation was super easy and quick! The instructions that came with the shade were easy to read, and all the parts you needed to install the shade came with it. All we needed was a drill, and a screw driver. The whole process took about 10 minutes, and the results afterwards were beautiful!

Select Blinds really makes it easy to pick out your favorite shades and make sure that you are getting what is best for your window. All you need to do pick out your favorite set, and measure your window! Easy peasy! Shipping was fast, and the quality of the product is fantastic!

So what are my final thoughts on the Disney Cordless Roller Blackout Shade by Select Blinds?


I am thrilled with the whole experience that I had with Select Blinds. The ordering process was easy and fast, and the installation was a breeze! I love how much better it made my daughters room looked, and she gives her new shade 2 thumbs up! My favorite part is that there is no cords to mess with. My daughter pulled the cords on her old shades all the time, tangling them up, and even pulling them down on her head once. With this new shade from select blinds is a great alternative, and is easy enough for my 5 year old to use without messing it up!