Spooky Halloween Eyeballs – Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops for Halloween + Tips for getting ready for trick or treat

Spooky Halloween Eyeballs - Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

A skeleton with big strong bones? A ghost with a hallowing boo? A zombie with a hungry gaze? Maybe a pirate with a patch? Or a princess with a pretty crown? Has your child decided what they are going to dress up as for Halloween? Mine will change their minds in what feels like a million time between now  and Halloween night. One thing that doesn’t change is how important it is to give them a good meal before they go out trick or treating and start gobbling treats.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops decorated like eyeballs are the perfect treat for Halloween


Trick or Treat Night Traditions

We always eat an early dinner at home together. I want to make sure my children have some real food before they start stuffing their mouths with junk. I also want dinner to be a fun part of the celebration. Today I am sharing how we do Halloween night at our house.


I decorate the table to make it special but I keep it simple.  This year the theme is spiders, skulls, and eyeballs. With Halloween it is so easy to go over board with decorations. You still need to pick a theme so that your decorations don’t end up looking like a hot mess. I went with a simple black tablecloth, the classic colors of orange and black for tableware. I used paper plates and cups and plastic forks so that clean up is easy too. When we get back from trick or treating and finally get the little monsters into bed I know I don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up.

Stouffers simple Halloween tablescape


Halloween night can be hectic. Everyone is bursting with excitement and antcipation. Everyone needs help getting into their costume. Everyone needs a light and a candy bucket and ….you know how it goes. So dinner needs to be easy peasy. I always try to serve some fruits or vegetables. This year we are having strawberries and grapes because those are my sons favorites and I know they will gobble them up.

Stouffers mac n cheese and fresh fruit

We are  having STOUFFER’S® Classic Mac Cups to make sure everyone has a belly full of warm goodness for the big night. My big 6 foot husband was amazed by how satisfied he was after eating just one mac cup. He thought he would need two but with 8-10g of protein and less than 250 calories, the STOUFFER’S® Classic Mac Cup  was a perfectly portioned little cup. The kids loved having their own cups of mac n cheese almost as much as they loved the mac n cheese.

Stouffers Classic Mac N Cheese Cups are the perfect meal to get ready for Halloween night

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without some frightful treats so I made Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops and decorated them like eyeballs. I also served them on a special plate that we have had for years that the kids remember from years past and get really excited about when it is finally time to get out the Halloween stuff.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops Recipe


One 8 inch round chocolate cake

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops

1/2 cup chocolate frosting


One 11.5 0z bag of BUTTERFINGER® Fun Size candy bars


Chop Butterfingers in a food processor until finely chopped.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops

Break cake into pieces and add to bowl with the chopped Butterfinger candy bars. Add frosting and mix with your hands until well blended.

Roll dough into balls. I rolled them into bigger balls to since I was going to put them on a fork. I would say a good size is about an inch to an inch and a half  in diameter.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops rolled into balls

Insert a fork, lollipop stick, or a paper straw ( I cut them in half) into each  cake ball. Chill the cake balls 30-45 min.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pops on a tray ready to be chilled

Melt candy coating in a saucepan and then dip the cake balls in the melted coating. If you are adding candy or sprinkles do so at this point. I added a candy eyeball to ours.

Then chill again so the candy will cool and harden. I wanted mine to look like eyeballs so I put them on the serving dish and then added some red gel frosting to look like bloodshot eyes.

Chocolate Butterfinger Cake Pop EYEBALLS


We also made special treats for our friends who live in our neighborhood but do not go trick or treating. My boys love stuffing the treat bags with goodies. We had enough for all the trick or treaters and to make our special treat bags.


chocolate butterfinger cake pops stuffing treat bags with butterfingers

Where do you trick or treat? Some years we go to our church for a big Halloween party followed by a trick or treating hay ride throughout the neighborhood. Some years we go trick or treating in our own neighborhood. No matter where we trick or treat we know all of the families in the houses we visit. It is nice to say high to neighbors and folks in our community. They all love seeing the kids’ costumes every year. What are your trick or treat Halloween night traditions? Please share them with us. I would especially love to hear your tips and tricks for feeding your family on Halloween night and what you do to make it special. Stay Safe and Happy Halloween!


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