Spring Break: Day 1


It is day one of spring break. What am I going to do with the kids. How will I balance work with fun this week? This should be fun. I have to say I had plans and then realized we were a week off. That means today we do not have any fans. I am hopeful the weather holds up. I have out my Fun with the Family Virginia, 8th: Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids (Fun with the Family Series). I think having a book with all the items in your state helps when plans fall through. You never know what is in your area for you to take part in. Today we are going to go on a walk and then to the playground. We are going to bring our bubble and have a wonderful picnic. This morning we are going to make some muffins for our lunch. I am hopeful this morning out will yield long naps so I can accomplish being a good mom and my other job.

What are you or have you done for spring break?