March 12, 2016

Flower Skirts On A Budget

Flower Skirts On A Budget

Flower Skirt On A Budget

How do you find Flower Skirts On A Budget?  That was a question I had. I wanted a cool spring skirt but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. I set out to find  a spring skirts on a budget for less than $25. I knew two things I wanted bright colors. I believed I would most likely only wear the skirt for one season so spending a lot of money was not an option. I actually hit amazon to see what I could find. I found a couple and decided to give one a try. I just fell in love with this green flower skirt. It was one my flower skirts on a budget.

I will admit that it was hard to select just one. That means I didn’t pick just one. I actually selected two for less than $25. I wanted to let you know the skirt I bought took a bit to get here. It is a little poofy but that is the look. It isn’t made to wear forever but it looks good. I loved wearing it. I got asked by several people if it was a high-end designer that I often wear. I told them it wasn’t. I was a spring skirt on a budget. It was what I was looking for the price I wanted to spend. I would pair it with a fitted white shirt as I have done, a denim shirt, lace shirt, tank top, t-shirt, a cardigan set. The truth is you can make it as fancy or a dressed down as you want. I also need to admit when my skirt goes out of style I plan to make it into a pillow I just love the material. It is so spring like and adorable. My daughter did try to convince me she wants me to save it for her as she was taking these pictures of me. Yes, all the pictures were taken by my second grader. I will put in images of the other flower skirt I bought as soon I have a chance to get her to snap more pictures. I love my new spring flower skirt and I encourage you to embrace your inner girly-girly and get one. Do share your images with me I would be happy to add them to this post

Flower Skirts On A Budget

If you like my skirt buy one Spring skirt on a budget  <—-

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