Spring Spinach Salad Recipe

Spring Spinach Salad Recipe

Spring Spinach Salad Recipe

I love a big, green salad, especially in the spring. Romaine, arugula, mixed baby greens, spinach, escarole, even cabbages, and good ole iceberg make crisp and healthy salads with limitless possibilities. I decided to tell you how to make A spinach salad. Some of my favorite salad ingredients include something salty, something crunchy, something sweet, and something cheesy. Springtime calls for salad as an accompaniment or a main dish. You can top almost any salad with grilled chicken, thinly sliced beef, or even shellfish and you’ll have a filling and nutritious meal.

Spinach is plentiful right now, so spinach salad is quite popular in my house. There are quite a few ways to serve a spinach salad that satisfies both sweet and savory tastes. To indulge your sweet tooth, make spinach salad with sliced fresh strawberries, red onion, toasted slivered almonds, and crumbled bleu cheese. Toss with a raspberry pecan dressing just before serving. My friend, Kelly, brought this salad to me when I was under the weather and it was delicious. If you wanted to make a more savory salad, start with fresh baby spinach and add crumbled bacon, slightly steamed asparagus, feta or goat cheese, and a light vinaigrette. Either of these spinach salads is sure to please, and these salads are budget friendly since they are made with spring veggies and fruit.

My go-to spinach salad calls for ingredients I generally have on hand all year. My Spinach Salad has salty bacon, crunchy walnuts, sweet dried cranberries, and creamy bleu cheese. Give it a try and experiment with your own favorite toppings. Top with leftover grilled meats and fish for a more filling meal. Salad is never boring; it can change each time you serve those healthy, vibrant greens.

How to Make A Spinach Salad

1 (10- or 12-oz) package baby spinach, washed & dried
1-2 chopped  apples
1/3 c. toasted & chopped walnuts
½ c. dried cranberries
3-4 slices turkey bacon, cooked & crumbled
¼ c. reduced fat bleu cheese crumbles
½ c. light poppy seed dressing

Place spinach in bottom of  large serving bowl. Top spinach with apples and next 4 ingredients, ending with cheese. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Toss salad with ½ c. poppy seed dressing; adjust measurement to taste. Serve immediately.

Spring Spinach Salad Recipe

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