Stay At Home Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s important to keep the romance alive in your relationship. There’s no need to spend so much, all you need are some creative ideas and your genuine love for each other to make the day or night special and memorable. I have some easy stay at home date night ideas that won’t burn a hole in your wallet but for sure these date ideas will give you and your loved one a special time together.

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Simple But Fun and Romantic Stay at Home Date Ideas

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  • Cook dinner together– A fun date night that will fill up your belly and your “love tank”
  • Go outside and star gaze– How romantic is that!? Grab a blanket, a star map, and your hunny for a great date night!
  • Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows– Keep each other warm with a fire and love
  • Have a carpet picnic– Skip the bugs and set up an indoor picnic!
  • Have an in-home spa– take turns giving each other massages ?
  • Throw an indoor beach party– grab some beach chairs and a good book and have an indoor beach day!
  • Plant something in the garden together– Flowers or veggies, have some fun in the dirt with your love!
  • Play a game of basketball– Winner has to buy dinner? 
  • Take a bubble bath– Light some candles and get a little bubbly with your spouse.
  • Play a board game– Let your competitive side out with a fierce game of monopoly 
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Easy Fondue Recipe
  • Play a card game– Some poker might be fun!
  • Make cookies– Don’t forget to add some sprinkles!
  • Look at your wedding album and see if you can name everyone– Gotta love a trip down memory lane! 
  • Pull out your yearbook and talk about the good old days– another great way to reminisce about fun days past.
  • Go on a bike ride– Have fun and get active, together!
  • Take a walk holding hands– A stroll in a local park would be a great date!
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  • Sit on the front porch– People watch or just enjoy each others company!
  • Do a craft together– A great date around the holidays!
  • Wash the car together– Get some work done in a fun way!
  • Make ice cream sundaes for one another– A yummy treat for both of you!
  • Listen to your favorite songs
  • Read old love notes
  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
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Tips for Making the Night Memorable

Unplug and Be Present:

Put away phones and other distractions. Give each other your undivided attention.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere:

Light candles, dim the lights, and set up comfortable seating for a cozy and intimate ambiance.

Dress Up:

Even though you’re staying in, dressing up adds a special touch to the evening and sets a festive mood.

Take Photos:

Capture moments from your date night. It’s a wonderful way to create lasting memories.

Surprise Each Other:

Plan a surprise element, whether it’s a hidden treat, a special activity, or a heartfelt gesture.

Share Gratitude:

Take a moment to express gratitude for each other and the special moments you’ve shared.

Reflect on the Evening:

Before bed, reflect on the night together. Share your favorite moments and what made the date special.

Remember, the most memorable date nights are those filled with laughter, genuine connection, and the joy of being in each other’s company. Whether you’re newly together or celebrating years of love, these stay-at-home date ideas offer a delightful way to nurture your relationship. Embrace the creativity, enjoy the process, and make each stay-at-home date night a chapter in your love story. 

More Stay at Home Date Ideas – Try these delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

red wine gummies

Red Wine Gummies Recipe


Strawberry With Goat Cheese And Basil Bruschetta Recipe

Screen Shot 2014 02 18 at 2.56.21 PM

Dates and Bacon Appetizer

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Dates and goat cheese appetizer recipe

Did I ever tell you the story about me making pasta? I was so excited it was the first meal I planned to cook for my beloved. I got the box. I read the directions. I turned on Paula Abdul because we all like Forever Your Girl. Right? I took out my red pot. I turned on the stove. I filled the pot with just the right amount of water. I watched the water boil for 10-12 minutes just like what the box said.

Only the box forgot to mention one very important thing, and my dinner was almost ruined.

The box forgot to mention you pour the pasta into the water as soon as it starts to boil and it should take 10-12 minutes from there. I was so busy singing with the spoon that I didn’t pay attention to the fact that there wasn’t enough water to cover the pasta since I had allowed the water to boil for 10-12 minutes thus evaporation took place.

That wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part was my beloved arrived early saw me singing, saw the pasta burning, and he couldn’t stop laughing. You know the kind of laughing that makes you want to cry because they are laughing at you, but it is so infectious that you start laughing as well. The next thing you know you are grateful you have a roommate who had a box of pasta you borrowed.

The best memories I have of my beloved and me are in the kitchen. We enjoy cooking together or cooking for one another. We enjoy laughing together and catching up on the day. I love the Knorr’s one skillet meals because they are in one pan and the directions are so easy that I am sure my former self could have followed them.

Knorr one skillet meals are super easy to make. You have to try this Lemon Chicken with Barley, it's so good and perfect for stay at home date night.

That is why when I think of the best stay at home date nights cooking is tops on my list. Cooking dinner -will fill up your belly and your “love tank.”

I mean look at this Lemon Chicken with Barley, are you drooling yet? Do not worry you can easily make this I promise. It is perfect for date night, Valentine’s day, or Monday.


Date night games and conversation starters

Make date night more interesting by making it fun and exciting through different relationship building date night games. By playing games, you’ll increase quality time and deepen your connection. Here are some of our picks!

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I Love You More Than Pizza Date Night Box

– Jump start a fun way to connect with your significant other by playing the activities included in this box: bond with You Wanna Pizza Me, compete with Top That Pizza, get intimate with Every Pizza Me Loves Every Pizza You, complete the challenge with It’s a Toss Up.

House of Curiosities

House of Curiosities Date Night Box

– Fun mystery/puzzle adventure game for couples. Escape Madame Medora’s spooky House of Curiosities! This Crated With Love date night adventure game includes everything you need so you can start playing right away. Test your communication and problem-solving skills with this escape-style game!

Arcade Invasion

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The Ultimate Game for Couples

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Talking Point

Talking Point –200 Couples Conversation Cards

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Toilet Tag

Toilet Tag – Play While You Potty

  • A silly and fun game while you potty. Reveal things about the past, get a peek into the future, answer fun hypotheticals, and play quick mini games along the way. Whether you’re dating or have been married for 20 years, you’ll grow so much closer together.

Talk, Flirt, Dare

Talk, Flirt, Dare

  • Spice things up in your relationship with this fun game. The Talk cards include questions to start fun couple conversations at parties. Refuel the connection in your marriage or relationship with Flirt & Dare cards.