Summer recipes for kids: Cola cake featuring Chek Soda!

Summer recipes for Kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda!


Are you looking for some yummy summer recipes for kids? How about making a super moist cake, using Chek Soda? Using Soda in cakes cuts the oil out of the recipes, and makes your cakes moist, and yummy! My little girl loves this recipe, and it is a simple recipe to make, that your kids can help you with! This summer recipes for kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda can be changed up in so many different ways by using different flavors of chek soda!
For this recipe I used a Devils food cake, along with a Cola flavored Chek soda. You could also change it up by using a vanilla cake and a Peach flavored Chek Soda! The possibilities are endless when using the yummy flavors offered by Chek Soda which include:  grape, orange pineapple, cola, diet cola, fruit punch, orange, strawberry (my personal favorite), lemon lime, and peach!

Here is the recipe for my Summer Recipes for Kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda:

Summer recipes for kids: Cola cake featuring Chek Soda!


  • 1can of Cola flavored Chek Soda
  • 1box of Devils Food cake mix
  • 2eggs


  • In a bowl, mix together your cake mix, 2 eggs (or however many eggs the mix calls for) and 1 can of chek soda.
  • Set your oven to 350 degrees and grease a cake pan, pour mix into the cake pan and bake for about 35-40 mins
  • Let cool, ice, and serve!

This Summer Recipes for Kids: Cola Cake featuring Chek Soda is a fun way to make a cake!

I love that the cake tastes like your normal cake, with a little bit of kick! chek soda adds the perfect dash of flavor to your favorite dish and the possibilities don’t stop with just cake either! How about adding some pineapple chek soda into your chicken wings sauce and turning them into tropical pineapple wings?

Chek Soda is also offering you the chance to discover your favorite flavor of check soda, and enter to win Chek soda for a year, free groceries, and more! Make sure to check out all the details HERE!


*I received sample products and a gift card from BI-LO to share this recipe and post. All opinions are my own.  

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