Summer Travel Tips: Traveling with Kids

Summer Travel Tips

Traveling with Kids



Summertime in my house means travel time! My husband and I  love to pack up our car and visit new places with our daughter, and other members of our family. Just last week we took a long weekend trip to Gulf Shores Beach. While we love being able to spend time together at different destinations, sometimes it can be difficult to cure the “Are we there yet!?” syndrome our daughter seems to get after the first hour of a 10-hour drive. And to you parents out there that take long road trips with more than 1 child, you are braver than me! Here are some of my favorite summer travel tips for traveling with kids I have found out along our travels!

Summer Travel Tips for Traveling with Kids:

  • Leave at Night- If you are able to, I highly recommend leaving at night! When we went to Disney World we left at 1 am (when my husband got home from work) and it worked out perfectly! My daughter stayed up the first hour, and then slept all through the night and woke up right when we were entering Orlando. My husband and I took turns driving.
  • Make sure you bring snacks! Bringing snacks is an important part of a smooth traveling day! Make sure you involve your children in the choosing of the snacks and make sure you pack plenty! This will help cut down on stops, and also cure some boredom!
  • Electronics are your friend! I have no idea how my mom and grandmother took kids on road trips without the aid of electronics lol! Whether it’s a tablet, a DVD player, or a handheld game system, don’t forget to pack them! This can distract your kids from the long ride.
  • Don’t want to use electronics? Go old school! Road games are always fun, or books, coloring books, and favorite toys. I allowed my daughter to bring 2 toys of her choice, plus a book, and we bought a new coloring book just for the trip.
  • Give them a camera! You could give them a digital camera or a disposable camera and have them document your trip through their eyes. It’s a great distraction for them, and will make a great memory for you!
  • Don’t forget to pack medicine! Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t. Whether you’re driving or flying, you will want to make sure to bring meds. for anything that could make traveling difficult for your children. I would recommend allergy medicine, motion sickness medicine, medicine for tummy upsets, colds, and general aches and pains you can get from sitting for longs periods of time.
  • Pack Baby Wipes! Even for the kids who are out of diapers! We use baby wipes for everything on trips! Wiping off hands, public toilet seats, spills in the car, and more!
  • Extend your travel timing! If google maps (or whatever else GPS you are using) says it’s going to take you 8 hours to get somewhere, plan an extra hour or so. Kids will need to stop more than adults, so plan accordingly!
  • Make a list! I’m not sure about your kids, but mine knows where all her toys are at all times. So when she wants to bring them with us when traveling, we make a list of what she wants to bring, and we check them off when they get put in the bag, when we get in the hotel room, and when we leave. This way we don’t forget a special toy she wants to bring and that toy doesn’t get left anywhere along the way. A lost toy makes a bad trip home, trust me!
  •  Check for special family deals! Traveling with children can get expensive, so checking for deals at hotel and restaurants on the way can really help keep costs down. Some restaurants have days where kids eat free, and some hotels have special deals for families!
  • Don’t forget the essentials! Sunglasses, blankets, pillows, snacks, wet wipes, trash bag, car charger, snacks, and anything else that you think will make traveling easier for your family.
  • Have fun! The most important tip I have. Remember that family trips are supposed to be fun, so don’t sweat the small stuff, and have a good time!

What are some of your Summer Travel Tips for traveling with kids?

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