The Thing I Learned in Kansas That Changed My Life

The Thing I Learned in  Kansas That Changed My Life

We were all sitting by the pool the sun bearing down on us. We were talking about our summer plans perhaps a little to loud because who can hear over all that splashing. She was going to the beach and she was going on a cruise. We were going to the heart of the country. We were going to Kansas.

What is there to do in Kansas? The both asked in unison.

Me, Well a lot more than you think.

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So what happened in Kansas that changed my life? It was a simple thing really. We were walking in Kansas City down in the historic part and this older gentleman whose face was evidence of life lived. He smiled, “He said, Hello, How are you?” I was a bit startled since people these days do not talk to one another. I noticed myself doing it less. We ignore one another we look at our phones instead of people. Then we walked further down the road and more strangers said,” Hi, Hello, How is your day?, It is a nice morning?, Have a nice day.” They were exchanging pleasantries to a stranger in the street. It struck me as not only do I need more of that but I could be a part of that.

I like to say I started my “Kansas.” I find myself interacting with people more, making eye contact, and putting away my phone in favor of real communications. I know it isn’t much but it seems to make a world of difference I hope you become a little more “Kansas” and say hello and speak with strangers.