The Ultimate Couples Game Night Best Buy Wedding Registry #BestBuyWedding

The Ultimate Couples Game Night Best Buy Wedding Registry #BestBuyWedding

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Ah summer is here! Did you know that June is the month that the most weddings are held in? And for good reason, it’s usually beautiful in the summer! My wedding was one of my most favorite days of my entire life, and the planning of it was so much fun! One thing most engaged couples enjoy doing together for their wedding is creating their wedding registry. In times past it used to be more of a bride thing rather than the grooms, but lately the grooms are wanting to get involved as well. So now we see a trend of wedding registries that reflect the bride AND grooms wants and needs. No more of over priced place settings that you will never actually use. 

Speaking of wedding registries, did you know that Best Buy offers wedding registries!? Oh yes! All of your favorite electronics, entertainment, and home appliances all in one place. Today’s engaged couples know that experiences are more valuable than things, and they want their wedding registry to reflect that.  They want the products that will help them build their lives together, by enabling everyday as well as special experiences.  It’s not about registering for products; it’s about registering for the experience.

What would my Wedding Registry From Best Buy look like?

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Well if there is one thing my husband and I LOVE it’s couples game night. And I don’t mean breaking out the monopoly board and a bag of chips either. I mean breaking out the PS4 and hunting down zombies as a team over drinks and snacks. It’s our idea of a perfect date night. Here are some things from Best Buy that would be perfect for a game loveing couples wedding registry:

  • Vizio 60′ LED Smart TV– Now if you are going to save the world from zombies or race each other to the ends of the earth, so you are going to need an awesome TV to do that from, am I right? This would be the perfect addition to any technology lovers wedding registry. 
  • Sony Ps4 Last of Us Edition– Now I know all gamers have their own preference when it comes to game systems, but in my opinion, you can’t beat the new PS4. The graphics are great, the games are perfect, and when you are done playing games you can pop in a romantic Blu Ray to watch together. Win-Win!
  • Sony Home Theater System– You’re going to want a great sound system to go with your new TV and game system. Sony has been making the best sound systems for years. This product NEEDS to be on your wedding registry! 
  • Netgear Nighthawk Wireless Router– This pick is for all your online gamers out there. You know how important it is to have a dependable wireless connection! Netgear won’t let you down!
  • Electronic S’mores Maker– Because even the best online soldiers needs a good s’more every now and then right?
  • Igloo Countertop Beer Keg Cooler– Need I explain the coolness of this? (Haha, see what I did there?)
  • Apple Ipad Air 2– To look up cheat codes….I mean….to check your email inbetween games….
  • GamestearGear Over the Ear Headset– To communicate with your team members before heading into a raid with your new spouse!

You can register for all this and more at Best Buy Wedding Registries! What would you register for?