Tips to Maximize School Material Retention


Tips to Maximize School Material Retention

Many schools send home “summer packets” with the children as well as a summer reading list. These can be approached as something we have to do before we go swimming or it can be included as a part of your daily routine. I highly recommend the latter. Incorporate into the children’s everyday activities fun exciting educational material. Reading does not have to be boring or expensive. Educational information is found in many different forms- books, board games, digital games, music, television shows…as well as in your everyday life situations.

When shopping make up games for the children based on their age. Young children can match items on the shelf to pictures on a coupon, older children can determine which item is the best price based on weight and cost. When you checkout, have your child estimate the cost of the entire order, or determine the deduction that will be taken off after a specific sale or a stack of coupons. When cooking have your child measure the ingredients or tell you the ingredient amount needed for a double recipe. This site has lots of great quick and easy recipes to include your children in the kitchen. When driving talk to the children about what direction you are going, street signs, rules of the road.

Essentially you should be watching for “teachable moments” and seizing the opportunity to talk with your child. Not only will your child remember some of their schooling but you will find out what their weak points are so you can teach them one on one with life opportunities AND more importantly, you will get to know your child better.

Engage your children in conversation. Often television is used as an unpaid babysitter. What is the child watching?? and Why? You can find out both of these things from any talking age child (toddler to teen) . Conversation with adults is one of the best educational tools a child can have available. Studies have shown that students with parents that are involved in their children’s education have higher scores that those whose parents are not involved. Using educational information in many forms throughout the summer will help your child not only retain their studies but will help them expand their interests and learn more from their surroundings. Learning is a life skill not just a school assignment!

Thanks to Rachel Case for these summer tips!

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