Traveling with Kids Tips

Traveling with Kids Tips

When I was little I remember our family taking “long” trips to my grandparents’ house —2 hours away. Now, I think nothing of our 50 mile one way weekly trip “into town” to grocery shop! My number one tip when traveling with kids is to CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE! As parents our attitude toward traveling will make a tremendous difference in the reaction of our children. When we are going on an adventure then everyone gets excited, if we are just doing our daily routine (homeschooling, nap, snacks, etc.) in the car that is a bit different but not a problem. However, if we grumble and fuss, then the “kick the dog” syndrome sets in and no one is happy!

Second I would recommend you look at your children, your schedule, the length of the trip and decide how you want to deal with it. I have traveled 16- 18 hours by car with 5 children (under 5 years old..and as they have grown) dozens of times. Sometimes the important thing was to keep little ones on their schedule with naps, meals and snacks. Other times it was to keep active children busy so they wouldn’t bother the others around them. THINK AHEAD.

Next PREPARE ahead of time. Tell the children what the plan is and then get everything ready for the plan to go smoothly. If you are keeping little ones on their schedule be sure to have any special items, tell them the car seat won’t be as comfortable as the crib or bed but provide a “c” neck pillow, “I spy” blanket, seat-belt cover, small square pillow etc. and encourage them to try it out! Have the children help you prepare. Perhaps make the snacks together, such as sandwich sticks or cereal and protein bars. As y’all work, you can have quality time while building excitement for the trip.

Thanks to Rachel Case for these traveling with kids tips!

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