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Water Bottle Crafts

What are Water Bottle Crafts?

Our idea is simple, it’s to use empty water bottles and fill it with different trinkets or items just like a kit but in a bottle. There are different themes that you can explore such as water bottle crafts for birthdays, water bottle crafts for games, water bottle crafts for kids, water bottle for baby shower, you can even make water bottle for emergency for cough, colds, breakup, camping or other fun themes. The possibilities are endless and it will provide lots of fun for people you want to give it to, because they will be surprised to see what items are inside the bottles. You can use these as presents, as a fun surprise for your family and friends and a boredom buster for kids. And don’t forget the fact that this is a great way for us to recycle water bottles. So why not surprise someone by cheering up their day with a surprise bottle in their bag or create a fun water bottle treat for kids who excelled in school or did something good for the day.

So what are you waiting for check out our Water Bottle Crafts projects!

Water Bottle Craft: Holiday


Valentine’s Day Water Bottle Craft

St Patrick’s Day Water Bottle Craft

Easter Water Bottle Craft

Water Bottle Craft: Special Event

Water Bottle Craft: For Teachers

Water Bottle Craft Encouragement

Water Bottle Craft: Get  Well

Water Bottle Craft: College

Water Bottle Craft: Birthday (for a party or as a gift)


Water Bottle Craft: Break up


Water Bottle Craft: Thank You

Show your appreciation for friends or family with our fun thank you water bottle craft ideas!

Water Bottle Craft: Babies

We have fun ideas for baby gifts, check out our baby water bottle crafts!

Water Bottle Craft: Children

Looking for a nice party favor for children’s party? Or need a simple gift? We have several suggestions for you with our children water bottle craft series.

Water Bottle Craft: Teenager

Gifts for teens need not be expensive. Yes they may want gadgets but you can always surprise them with some thoughtful gifts that may be simple but from your heart. Check out our suggestions with our teenager water bottle craft ideas.

Water Bottle Craft: Boyfriend/ Girl Friend

Water Bottle Craft: Military Hero


Water Bottle Crafts: Weddings

Are you preparing for your wedding or for a friend’s wedding? Check out our wedding water bottle craft now! We have lots of ideas for wedding gifts, wedding souvenirs, bridal shower gifts or games and other fun stuff to make weddings more fun.

Water Bottle Craft: New Home

Surprise someone who just moved to a new home by giving them a new home water bottle craft. These water bottles are filled with simple housewarming gifts that they can use as they adjust to their new home.

Water Bottle Craft: Games

Are the kids bored? Or do you need something to do for family night? We have fun games water bottle craft that are easy to make and will provide lots of fun.

If you have water bottle crafts ideas that you want to share with us, leave us a comment or email us at