Watermelon Salad Recipe

Watermelon Salad Recipe

Watermelon Salad Recipe

It is summer and what could be better than a watermelon salad. The refreshing taste is an unbelievable answer to the heat of summer. I like this recipes because it is tart and sweet. This Watermelon Salad Recipe is easy to prepare and it looks great. I have to say my kids fought over who could have the last bite.

Here’s how to make this Watermelon Salad Recipe


1/4 cup of balsamic dressing
feta cheese

watermelon salad recipe


You will want to cut the watermelon like you see in this video.

Then you will want to place the watermelon slices in a bowl with the dressing. I let them soak for about an hour. This allows for a proper marinate.

Then I cut the feta cheese in squares and topped the salad off with mint.

watermelon salad recipe

Watermelon is a family favorite in our house. We just love our watermelon recipes.

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