5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy

I read the news recently that said more doctors are now prescribing exercise instead of medication. I have found this to be true. I find that I feel better when I eat the right foods and exercise.  To keep your body healthy you need to move more, that will reduce stress, make you feel energized and stronger and lower your risk for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and more. As a mom of three kids, I want to instill healthy living to my children, and it’s something I can teach through example. It starts with me. My kids have to see me keep my body healthy so that they will also follow.

Honestly, I’m not that health conscious before but when I had kids I realized that I have to take care of my health to be able to take care of my family. They rely on me, so I need to take care of myself better. To keep your body healthy is a gift that you can give to your family and it starts by changing your lifestyle.

I’m sharing with you these simple tips on how to keep your body healthy now because we all know that we need to support one another to truly make an impact.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy

1. Exercise daily. It’s important to be active. Try to do at least 30-minutes exercise daily. You can start gradually like 10 minutes for a few days then increase. There are lots of free online exercise videos that you can watch and follow. I go to the gym 4 days a week and I honestly take whatever class is being offered. I personally need someone to encourage me to push myself otherwise I will exercise by dipping pretzels in peanut butter and lifting it to my mouth.

2. I encourage you to eat a balanced diet. That means you need to try to eat more fish, fruits and vegetables and less of meat. Avoid processed foods. Increase your fiber intake; you can start by eating a serving of vegetables or fruits at every meal. You should also avoid skipping meals especially breakfast which is important for your metabolism.

3. Drink lots of water. Avoid sodas, energy drinks or juices with sugar.

4. Sleep well.  I struggle with this but our bodies repair themselves while we sleep so make sure to get enough sleep daily. I set a bedtime and then I have my electronics set to turn off.

5. You should figure out activities that reduce stress. I encourage you to take 30 minutes a day and do something you love. I love to read so I do that each and every day.