Ways to Teach Kids on How to Save Money

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The “ber” months are here, and that means the holiday season is almost here and it’s time for us to prepare for holiday shopping. All the shopping that needs to be done will stress you out if you don’t plan early. That’s why as early as now I’m planning my shopping list, and since I have three kids I’m using this opportunity to teach my kids on how to save money for the things on their wish list.

With all the new gadgets, toys, clothes out in the market, kids will surely have a lot on their holiday gift wish list. We have a rule that they can only have one gift each and the rest on their list they have to save up. So, I’m sharing you my ways on how to teach kids how to save money.

Holiday season is a good opportunity for parents to teach kids on how to save money and work for the things they wanted to have. Read my tips on how you can teach kids on how to save money.
Holiday season is a good opportunity for parents to teach kids on how to save money and work for the things they wanted to have. Read my tips on how you can teach kids on how to save money.

1 Start with a savings goal 

Ask and help them determine a realistic savings goal. Give the kids a savings journal, so they’ll map out a plan on how much they want to save every day or every week to be able to reach their goal.

2 Use a clear jar or piggy bank

A piggy bank is good, but a clear jar is better so that kids can see the progress of their savings. You can also open them a bank account where you will deposit the money every time their jar is full.

3 Give them a budget or allowance

This will teach kids responsibility on how they want to spend and save their allowance. You can also encourage them to give part of their savings to the church or a charity of their choice.

4 Teach them how to make money

This is a good chance to teach kids that they have to work for money. You can pay them for chores or show them opportunities where they can earn, just like using my favorite cashback app.

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