Wedding Wednesday: Budget Tips on Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean that your decors should look cheap. Wedding reception centerpieces doesn’t have to bust your budget. You should still be able to add some personal touch but at the same time cut the cost, the only key to remember is that you should be inventive in using other materials.

1. Paper Flower Centerpieces: You can scout some ideas online or go to craft stores, they usually offer some tutorials and craft patterns. If you use quality paper, these paper flowers will look very elegant when done correctly.

2. Use Wedding Favors as Centerpieces: Arrange your wedding favors in an elegant silver antique trays which you can borrow from friends or relatives. You can also create your own, a mirror tray with bordered mosaic tiles will look so chic. There are lots of instructions that you can find online. By doing your own you can use the wedding color motif for the tiles that you will use. These tiles are available at any home improvement stores.

3. Orchid plants: Orchids are great centerpieces. These are simple but elegant without crowding the table, and the important part orchids are inexpensive. Maybe you can get discount if purchased in bulk.

4. Pillar Candles: Group these candles in different sizes on the table. You can tie them with ribbons, group in different colors or even add some additional elements around the centerpiece such as pinecones.

5. Fruits and Veggies: This is becoming more popular these days and will look elegant when done correctly. You can choose a particular fruit that has the same color as your motif or create a cluster of fruits and/or vegetables. Our tip is for you to choose items in season to add a seasonal touch. I’ve been to a wedding once where in they placed sliced oranges on large vases and to decorate the vase they tie it with a silver ribbons. It looks really good and adds a pop of color on the table.

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