Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Details That You Should Not Pinch Pennies

Even though you are planning a wedding on a budget there are still some things that you should wisely invest on and not to pinch pennies.

First is Hair and Makeup – Your wedding will be on film and photos forever so you should definitely hire a professional stylist to do it for you to make sure that you will look good. Don’t stress yourself by doing your own hair and makeup.  There are lots of great stylist that wants to broaden their portfolio and you can hire them on an affordable rate. Our tip is to find one who is near your area so they won’t do extra charges and make sure to book one early so you can get discount.

Second, the Photographer and Videographer: This is an important day in your life and you want to capture those memorable moments. So please don’t make the mistake of saving money by hiring the cheapest one and end up having poor photos and video. These are your souvenirs forever, something that you will share with your family and friends and something that you will let your kids or grandchildren see in the future, so invest on hiring good ones.

Planning a wedding and staying on a budget is important but remember to be reasonable. You have to be wise on when to cut-corners and when to spend a bit more.

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