Easy Ham and Potato Crockpot Soup


Ham and Potato Crockpot Soup

I experimented today with Ham and Potato soup the best thing was it cost me nothing, I only used what was in the house and it didn’t cost me anything extra. It was also easy to do and since I was sick today it was perfect.

Easy Ham and Potato Crock-pot Soup
Serves 6

I love getting Ham and Potato soup when I go out to eat and went on the search for an easy recipe. Most of the recipes I found used ingredients I don’t keep on hand. I decided to step out on my own and just use what I had so it wouldn’t cost me anything.


  • Ham bone with ham on it – leftover from dinner a few days ago
  • 12 medium sized potatoes – bought at the beginning of the month and almost out of life
  • 4 cups water
  • 3 Tbsp chicken bouillon base
  • 2 1/2 cups of milk – I used whole milk because I had some for my Father-In-Law but mixing up some powdered milk would work as well. This is normally what I do since we don’t drink milk.

In Crockpot put Ham bone, water, bouillon base, and potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks). Cook on high for 4-5 hours.

Before serving pull out ham bone and clean all meat off the bone and return to crockpot.

Pour in milk slowly and mix with hand mixer on medium till it is the texture you are looking for. (This is something you can have your kids help with, my son had fun)

To make it thinner you can add more milk or to make it thicker less milk. My family decided by tasting that this was the consistency they liked.

Serve into bowls and eat as is or top with cheese, onions, or bacon.

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