Freezer Cooking Tips

Freezer Cooking Tips

Have you heard of freezer cooking? It is my favorite time saver that I use! I am a working mom who wanted her life back. I took control of my kitchen and cooked once for an entire month (yes really!).  I had help. I cooked 15 meals (two portions of each). Then I had my girlfriend do the same. We swapped and life is again wonderful! Now freezer cooking does take a little bit of time, but it saves you so much more time when after your initial day of cooking means you can just pop a meal in the crock pot or oven and be done with it. I wanted to put a list together of freezer cooking tips so you can make the most of your freezer cooking time. Let’s check them out!

Here are some great freezer cooking tips for you:

  • Double bag all items- Trust me on this one. You don’t want your hard work leaking all over your freezer!
  • Do not randomly look at the book and pick recipes. – You need to find recipe that really fit into your lifestyle and that your family will eat. Pinterest is my favorite place to look for recipes!
  • You should each pick two meats each to cook. It will keep the costs down and the prep time.
  • Pick meats that are on sale! Before you decided on your freezer cooking recipes, check your local sales add and find out what meats will be on sale that week. We all love saving money right?
  • Freeze individual ingredients. Tons of things can be frozen before use. Items  including browned meat, raw hamburger patties, marinated and grilled chicken, many fruits and vegetables, cooked beans, rice, and more. By freezing individual ingredients, you can add them to your freezer cooking recipes quickly and easily.
  • Prep all of your ingredients at once.  If you are making multiple meals at one time, go ahead and get all your prepping done at once. Chop your onions, peal your veggies, mince your garlic, etc.
  • If your recipe calls for cooking something first, let it cool to room temperature. You don’t want to put hot food in a bag and then freeze it. Let it cool to room temperature before bagging and labeling.

Have you every tried freezer cooking? What are your tips?

Here are some great freezer cooking recipes to get you started: