Yahoo Shine Entrepreneur

Dear Friends, Readers, Family, and everyone who supports my vision-

I am happy to announce I was select as Yahoos Women who Shines  Top Entrepreneur. I have to say I am tickled pink. There were several categories and I was nominated for one that best describes my intent as a business professional. You see I know I am three people’s mom and one person’s wife but I also value being my own person. I value having dreams and being defined by my success and tenacity. I never want to be “good enough” so I challenge myself to be the best. I define being the best by helping others to lead, succeed, and achieve their dreams. I built Madame Deals to support my core values of helping people help others. We post deals so you can live better and hopefully take what you are saving and Pay it Forward.

I hope that you find a place where you can see yourself if not in my image but in the image of one of my writers. We hope to connect with you. We want you to have a place to go to figure out the how do you do that? How can I do that? This is a place where we hope to teach you how to be your own cheerleader to understand that marching to the beat of your own drum is okay. Yes, I have a family that loves and supports me but they often do not understand what I am doing. They trust me and help me become more successful. I have always been the type of person to keep my eye on the prize. This year my prize is being able to do two $100 stories. I intend to help as many people as I can to help others.

The difference between success and failure is not trying!

Thank you again for this honor-

Amee AKA Madame Deals, MOM, Honey, and Entrepreneur




When you grew up did you ever think you would be someone’s parent. I did. I guess I never understood how consuming being a parent is. I was a stay at home mom for three weeks before I lost it. I couldn’t handle being 100% focused on someone else. I sat down and came up with a plan. The first goal I had was to find a balance between being a good spouse, parent, and being good to myself. I needed to live my dream. The dream I have is simple do what I love while spending as much time as I can with the people I love.

I am the person that finds 26 hours in every day. I multitask so often that my husband swears I am not human. I get to put on bandaids, clear kisses, rub backs, and tell knock jokes all while saving the world from my computer. Well, maybe not the whole world but I have been able to help people believe in themselves enough to chase their dreams. I have always been the person that connects the dots for others. I taught the child that couldn’t read how to read. The mom who didn’t believe she had anything to offer into someone who has a thriving