15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go!

15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go!

We all know mornings can be hectic. When  you add kids to the mix, your mornings can get downright chaotic. Everyone needs to get dressed, find lost backpacks and shoes, make lunches, do their hair,and everyone is fighting for a position in front of that mirror. While I can’t help you with dividing up mirror time, I do have some ideas  for grabbing a quick breakfast on the go. The 15 ideas below should get you pointed in the right direction(without having to run to a fast food chain every morning), no matter how crazy your mornings are!

Here are 15 Breakfast Ideas for the on go!

1.Homemade trail mix-Homemade trail mix can be made ahead of time and stored in  containers or in plastic bags. Be sure to include a mix of healthy nuts for protein and dried fruit for a touch of sweetness.

2.Pre-packaged nut packets- Pre-packaged nut packets are also a fast solution when you are short on time on weekday mornings. I love the Planters variety!

3.Yogurt with healthy cereal-Before you grab those “kid-friendly” yogurts, take a moment to read the labels, most kids yogurt are made with artificial flavors  and dye.You are better off buying all natural yogurt and  mixing in a healthy cereal like Grape Nuts for added crunch and nutrition.

4.Frozen grapes or cherries-Not everyone is a big eater in the mornings but munching on  some frozen fruit during the ride is a great way to wake up their stomach, and keep you from starving until lunch.

5.A breakfast Tortilla-A tortilla can be filled with shredded cheese and thinly sliced apples and popped in a  microwave for a few seconds( long enough for the cheese melt). It’s tasty, nutritious and fast.

6.Smoothies- Smoothies are a great way to get a lot of nutrition in your body in the morning, and they taste great. Try Skim Milk (or soy milk), a banana, and a handful of strawberries. You will love it, and your kids will too!

7. Oatmeal- Oatmeal with add ins are a great, quick breakfast. You can prep all the add-ins like nuts, raisins, brown sugar, before had so you can have them ready. That way in the morning, you can combine all the ingredients and pop them in the microwave.

8. English Muffin sandwiches- This is a great breakfast idea if you are trying to avoid going to a  fast food place for every breakfast.For a fast food tasting breakfast (without the extra money and calories) try an English muffin with ham and American cheese. Pop it in the microwave until the cheese melts. If you have  time, fry an egg to go with it!

9.Freezer Pancakes-If your family is big on Saturday morning pancakes (like mine) , take some time and make a few  extra pancakes and stash them in the freezer. During weekday mornings, You can microwave them or eat them frozen (kid will love that). You can serve them with syrup at home or spread them peanut butter for on the go!

10. Chocolate Smoothies- Another way to make a morning smoothie  is to make  a chocolate smoothie. What kid doesn’t  want a chocolate shake for breakfast? Check out this super easy recipe for a chocolate smoothie!

11. Leftovers- A great way to use up leftovers from last night’s dinner is to add a piece of leftover chicken to a dinner roll (or biscuit) and some cheese. This is great for someone who likes a hearty breakfast.

12. Breakfast Breads- Bake some yummy  banana bread or zucchini bread on Sunday, and package slices individually for a quick homemade breakfast.

13. Granola- Homemade granola and milk is another great to go breakfast, and can be eating easily on the ride.

14. Granola Bars- Take some granola and honey, and make some homemade granola bars! it’s easy to make and will give you a nice crunch, and a touch of sweetness to your morning breakfast.

15. Leftover mostacholi- Mostacholi is a much healthier alternative to cold pizza and is super popular with kids. Plus, there is no easier breakfast  than cold, leftover noodles to serve for a breakfast on the go!

There you have it, my 15 Breakfast ideas for on the go!

Whichever tips you want to  use, have everything prepped in a drawer or section of the fridge for easy access. Better yet, make sure everyone can get their own breakfast by putting everything in easy reach. This will make your mornings run smoother, and tastier!


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