A Turkey is a Funny Bird: Turkey Bread

When I think about the holidays. I always think of my children. I remember the memories we have made and the great times we have had. I think about their interests and how to get them involved in the celebration. It seems that every year it becomes increasingly more difficult because they want to do more project on their own. This year I asked what they would like to do and they said, “make a turkey.” I said, “Make the Turkey.” The actually meant to make a Turkey out of bread. I really wasn’t sure this was possible or a good idea for a 2 and 4 year old but I was willing to let them take the lead and since the Great Value dough products are so reasonable I decided to let them dictate what we were going to create.

Great Value Expedition

I decided that I would let Great Value do all the heavy lifting. I marched into Walmart with my Turkey creators and we grabbed a roll of pizza dough and a crescent roll package. You can find Great Value frozen dough products through Walmart and Publix,

The Great Value Trial

I have to say we had different ideas on what we were going to do. This was my idea. We would cut out turkeys and cook them.

This is what the children had in mind.


IMG 4769

I wasn’t sure what to do it just didn’t look like a turkey to me. They said I could add my turkey at the bottom. We then grabbed the computer and looked up a turkey for inspiration. We decided our turkey needed feathers.

IMG 4775

We took out the crescent rolls and alternated making feathers with the pizza dough. The kids has a super time creating the features and figuring out the pattern.

IMG 4776

We event took turns placing the feathers on our turkey. It took awhile for us to make all of our turkey’s feathers.

IMG 4778

We followed the Great Value Package and baked our Turkey. We hoped for the best. I just hoped the kids would be happy with the final project.

IMG 4784

I am not sure if it looks just like a turkey but we created an amazing memory. We got out dipping sauces which include: pizza sauce, nacho cheese, and ranch dressing. The kids even named the Turkey Gus.

Thanksgiving Party


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