Presentable Leftovers

I am not sure about your Thanksgiving dinner but our holidays are spent hanging out with our family and watching football. We now all have children so the holiday have become more meaningful. It has always been a tradition for our family to make Thanksgiving dinner again at our house since we always travel to our families. The problem is I have tons of Turkey leftover.

Turkey Leftovers recipes

The easiest way to make over Turkey is to be creative. We love Great Value Rolls

This recipes was based on one my friend shared with me. She uses chicken and broccoli. Then she creates a ring using Great Value rolls.You place the triangles overlapping with the points converging in the middle. I used almost two packages on the bottom because I knew how heavy this roll was going to be.

The next secret is to finely chop your turkey and place it and anything you have left from you holiday dinner.

The third thing you need to do is close the roll. We then added some dough that we had cut out using cookie cutters. I added an additional roll package for three total Great Value packages. I baked in according to the instructions it was amazing. I served it and my friend said she was going to make it as well. We had a wonderful time exchanging recipes and altering them to wrap up our holiday meal and create a leftover that wasn’t leftover for long.

Holiday Recipes A Turkey is a funny Bird

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