Advanced Blogging tips

Advanced Blogging Tips

Advanced Blogging tips are those that really deal with how to make money at this whole blogging thing. Here are some of my favorite posts on doing that.

How to pitch  Monetizing your site  We have tons of Ask a Blogger articles.

Blogging Tip

You now have the  Beginners Blogging Tips. If you do need them then read my Beginners Blogging Tips Post.

I would suggest using the Genesis Platform for your wordpress site. Genesis Framework <=== buy it here. You can check out what domain, hosting, and email I suggested on my Beginners Blogging Tips.

If you are having trouble with shared hosting. I would suggest Liquid web hosting. I had so many problems with 8 other hosting companies. This was the only one that worked. I consider your host the most important item you can buy. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your site is. How pretty the design is if your site is always down. You need a site that is reliable I mean don’t you have something better to do than talk to your hosting company? I have been asked on several occasions how is their customer service? The answer I have is I really do not know I speak with them so infrequently I do not worry about it. They handle my calls or chat quickly and have been very helpful in helping a site that in the past has been a huge problem stay operational. They were also cheaper than my last host and if you factor in the time I spent dealing with my site being down and the revenue I lost… oh my!

I learned how to add an image Gallery today ….

Go to add Media

Then Select CREATE Gallery……………..

Select the pictures you wish for your gallery. You can move them around in the order you select. They should be clickable to the post that they were placed in.

This is an example each of these image will direct you to the post they were used it.