Advocare Challenge It’s My Time Joyce Update #3

Advocare Challenge


advocare 24 day challenge

Advocare Challenge Update #3 – It’s My Time Now!

I’ve completed the Cleanse Phase of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I will have to admit I was initially concerned with the concept of “cleanse.” In other programs I had done, “cleanse” meant knowing where the restroom was wherever you were, frequent trips to it, and gastrointestinal issues. On the contrary, I had no issues with the Cleanse Phase!

My guzzling habit came in handy with the fiber drink : ) The fiber drink is a powder mixed with water. It has a “citrus” taste and the texture of saw dust, and if you take your time drinking it, it turns to a gel. I guzzled it right down, and I have to admit that I never had a problem with loose stool or frequent trips to the bathroom. I had no gastrointestinal issues AT ALL!

I like that there is a probiotic as part of the Cleanse Phase. I know there are many benefits to having good bacteria in the gut, and have read that a healthy gut affects many other areas of our body. Again, I had no issues during the Cleanse Phase which lasts 10 days. It’s very doable!

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