Ask a blogger: Share your secrets


   I have had been blogging since April 2009 at Madame Deals. I decided in December I was going to take my blog from a hobby to a business. I knew I had to make a business plan. I had to set goals. I had to come up with strategies to manage it all. I also know the website would be a part of my life but not my life. It is easy to get caught up in making sure everything you see gets posted and every deal appears on your site. If you a careful you will neglect your “real” life and family. The only way to avoid this to make a schedule. You also have to be selective as to watch you are going to write about and develop a methodology for doing so. I decided I would share some of my tips with you.

Here are five great tips to make you a super star blogger

1) When you receive a pitch and you have decided you are going to do the review
      a) Put it on your calendar when it is due
      b) Put a reminder in your calendar to actually do it
      c) Create a post template by copying and pasting the requirements found in the email in your post
      d) Set the template to the date it needs to be posted and then use a year that is one year greater than the year your are in so                you can easily find it
      e) Place in the email address from which it came so you can send the link to the company easily

f) Create a google doc and place in the contact name and email and payment information and the products they represent in case you nee dot pitch them in the future. It is great to say I loved working with you on such and such.

2) Use a calendar and create a schedule. On your calendar should be your post schedule and your product review schedule.

3) I believe you need to educate yourself. You need to spend at least 15 minutes a day learning something new to grow your business. I pick a new topic each week to learn.

4) Once you learn your new item. You need to implement your idea. If you just read or see something new you will not remember it unless you actually use it.

5) Tip is do not put all your efforts on one area. You need to grow your business every week. I pick a different place each week to expand my reach and create new readers.
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