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 Blogger Rates

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Here is the truth I get paid to blog. I have to get paid because having a site is expensive. I have blogger rates. It takes a ton of time. I estimate this site takes about 150 + man hours a week. Yes, I have a staff. I have to pay them. How do I do it? I charge money. I can’t pay them and my bills with face cream, coupons for a free frozen meals, toys for my children, mouthwash, and more.

Blogger rates

How do you get paid. The first way to get paid is figure out what to charge. Then you need to actually prepare a media kit. I had mine done by Dawn you can find her at You can check it out  of media kit  Madame-Deals-Media-Kit-2.

This is how you get paid. You get paid by selling your sidebars to sponsors. This is the equation I use for Blogger Rates. I take my top producing 320×250 ad and that is the rate someone receives if they want 320×250 worth of space on my site.  If they want a button size ad 125×125  on my site I charge them 1/4 of the 320×250 ad size. If they want a banner I charge the same rate as a 320×250. I sometimes give discounts if they pay for multiple months. I also tell people if they pay each month on time I will not change their rate as my site grows. You can charge more for above the fold (the fold is what you see before you scroll down). I offer several other options. I charge less if they pay in advance and buy 6 months or more in ad space. I also complete the deal by offering a post or shout out on social media for the customers that advertise on my site. You should NEVER change your price just add more value to your offer. If you change your prices then you lose credibility. I only change my price and give discounts for prepaying and for multiple month purchases. I only do this because it saves me time.

Blogger rates

Where do you start when trying to sell yourself. You get that media kit and do NOT put your prices on it. I would then suggest writing a killer Pitch Letter. You need to ask a couple of people to read your pitch letter to make sure it is the best it can be. Here is a great example of a pitch letter I send out   Pitch Letter. How do you make sure they open that pitch letter. I put something brazen in the subject line. I want to make sure the person I want to receive my pitch letter actually opens it. The other tip I have is to send your pitch letter using mad mimi. I can then see if the letter is opened. If no then I wait a couple of days and I change the subject and I send it again until I know it is is open. They have a FREE version of Mad Mimi. You can click on the bottom below and sign up. That is the trick for landing a pitch is being creative and being professional.


Here is an example of a media blast we sent out to the Madame Deals Media Team.

Speaking of the Madame Deals Media team. If you want to make money I suggest you sign up! It is FREE and we do the pitching and bring the opportunities to you. I mean no sweat right!

Okay so signing up for the Madame Deals Media Team will help you make money in a couple of ways. If you want to make more for your paid post you need traffic. You also need content. We provide you with payment to write content on your site. Yes, you can get paid for blogging. It is easier than sending out your own pitches and hoping. That brings me to the next question I get asked all the time. What should I charge for a paid post. The answer is simple as much as you can get. If you want to write a post you take what is offered if you are pitching someone I would use this guide that I made up and has worked for me so far.

The time has come someone asks you to write a paid post. You have no idea what to charge for this. I actually made up a sliding scale. The first thing you need to do is qualify the expectations. How many words and will the content be provided. When does this need to be completed by. I then take a quick peak at my page rank at pr checker. I believe your price should be composed of three things 1) your page rank 2) your traffic or reach per day 3) your hourly rate.

Here is my estimates for Pr charges then add your people reached daily amount with your hourly rate. I determine my hourly rate based on time to write the post, my workload, and how much business I get from the client. I provide discounts to companies that contract me for a number of posts per month. I get signed and executed contracts before I agree to a price discount. I also suggest getting paid for multiple posts at one time.

PR 0 $10

Pr 1 $20

Pr 2 $30

Pr 3 $40

Pr 4 $50

Pr 5 $60

Pr 6 $70

Then the number of people I reach per day. I add up my daily uniques, email subscribers, facebook fans, twitter followers, blog frog followers and google + followers. If I am going to use pinterest I will add those followers as well.

0-1,000 followers $5

1,000- 5,000 $10

5,000- 10,000 $15

10,000- 20,000 $20

20,000- 30,000 $30

30,000- 40,000 $40

40,000- 50,000 $50

50,000- 60,000 $60

60,000- 70,000 $70

70,000- 80,000 $80

80,000- 90,000 $90

90,000-100,000 $100


Then you need to add on your hourly rate. I believe the page rank and the number of people reached pay for the real estate of your site. It doesn’t pay for your time. I would include in my hourly rate to my price. I currently charge $150 which is $50 for my pr 4 (this is the amount I charge for a text link on my site if they pay for 6 months or greater) and $70 for the amount of people reached daily. Then I charge $40 for 30 minutes of my time.

The next way I make money is through affiliate companies. I represent all of these companies each month. They are listed on my Real Deals page. I take the deals I like and I post them. I signed up with the companies below and they offer theses companies. I change out the ads on my sidebar using the affiliate companies. I keep my favorites in widgets for easy access. I suggest changing your side bar ads every 4 days.

These are my top paying companies

Social Spark | My Savings | Escalate Media   Linkshare | Ebates | Flex Offers

My top earners are Integrate and Panthera and Commission Junction


The last way I make money is I buy tools that make my job easier. Time is money and you need t0 invest you money into saving time. I bought this coupon plugin and it has saved me hundreds in operating expenses. I love it! The best part is it paid for itself in one week.


1) Sign up for Mad mimi to be able to send out nice newsletters and pitches! It is free and easy to use!

2) Sign up for the Madame Deals Media team to get dibs on hot contest, paid post, advertising and more

3) Get a media Kit- email Dawn at

4) Sign up for my top earners….Integrate and Panthera and Commission Junction

Finally you can’t make money if your site is down. Madame Deals has knocked down 7 other hosting companies. I can’t tell you how much time and money I wasted. I can’t say enough about my experience with Liquid web. If you are having any type of hosting problems or if you are paying a lot for your hosting consider liquid web!

Need hosting, MadameDeals uses LiquidWeb and Storm on Demand.





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