ASK A Blogger: Pitch Letter


How do you write  a pitch letter? This question comes up often. Why? I have a lot of bloggers that want to know how did you get that? Why did they respond to you and not me? It is true I am not prettier or smarter nor do I have a better site then you do. What I do have is a little more Chutzpah. I also have a formula for success. I tried to simplify my letter so you could actually use the information right now and write a pitch letter that yields a result. I encourage you to link to work samples from your site so they can see what you do.






Personal- Do not send a letter that is addressed to Dear Madame or Sir. You need to do your research and find a name. I do not care if you call the company and ask who is in charge of their web based advertising and promotions. I think finding a person’s name means you are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. It is all about the first impression.

Imagination- You have one sentence to sell them. This sentence should be used in your subject line and repeated in your letter. What can you say that will get their attention? It is just like writing an article you have ten words before someone clicks through or moves on.

Thoughtful- You need to do your research. How does this company advertise normally. What groups are they targeting what is their lead product in most of their campaigns. What tools are they currently using. How do you compare? How do you excel? How could you represent them and increase their market share and revenue.

Change- When you have determined their normal advertising methodology what changes can you make that would impact their bottom line. You need to state this clearly I would mention your research and I would mention why your methodology would benefit them.

Hook- This is it the last line in your letter you need to hook them and reel them in. You need to make them want to work with you or at the very least contact you.

Pretend: I am trying to pitch Mattel

Subject: The Modern Barbie uses coupons

Dear Sandra

I would like to tell you why Barbie needs coupons. It started a long time ago when they sold Barbie’s shoes in packs of 12. She got used to the lifestyle and now with the recession she can’t afford to buy 12 pairs of shoes at once. That is of course unless she uses my site Madame Deals. I teach the modern Barbie how to have her shoes and frugal fashion finds under $20. I also teach her how to cook a wonderful meal balance three kids and a job while running a successful company.   It is no longer enough to lounge by the pool and hope you meet your prince charming. I mean Barbie ran for President and the modern woman wants to have it all. I saw you campaign for Barbie on Television and in several print media venues. I am an affilitate for Barbie and I have promoted her on my site but I think I can do more.

I believe that with my ______ reach and my target audience of Barbie doll buying reader it will grow your business. I would like to review ____ product and offer a giveaway to my ______ fans. I feel that the reach I have is a wonderfully resourceful way to spend your  advertising dollars. The giveaway I am looking to run retail value cost $50.00 I have a reach of 1000 people daily. I will advertise for you for two weeks by doing the following. That is 14000 people viewing your item. That is an approximate cost of $.003 per view.

Here is what my site can offer you___________________. This is what I bring to the table ______ add one line about yourself and one line about what makes your site unique.  I think this paradigm shift in thinking is_____ and will lead to________.

Hook— When can we set up time to _______. I know the modern Barbie in all of us needs a good deal. I believe Barbie …… my site


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