How to help kids get ready for a test

How to help kids get ready for a test

The answer is simple, preparation. The first thing you need to determine is how your child learns. Do they learn by looking, touching, or listening? Do they require multiple types of learning? Do they need information repeated over and over again or do they pick it up right away?

I will give you some hints to help with spelling. The methodologies can be applied to a different subject. Think about how to make learning new material more interactive. My son asked me where we get rice from? I said,”It is grown in the ground.”He asked,” can we plant it outside.” I explained,  “it wouldn’t grow here.” Then he wanted to know why? We went online and researched where it grows and how. It was fun to see his thought process. I just kept typing his questions into my computer and we both learned a lot. I have to say that rice wouldn’t have been my first topic choice but spending time learning with my son is always my priority.

I simplified the examples for the youngest learners but the principles can be adapted for older learners. I actually learn from both visual and auditory tools so I read my notecard to myself to retain information.

The visual learner-

Use the letters of the words to create a picture of the word’s meaning

Place words on note cards once the words are learned phase out the note card until the night before the test and go over all words for a final time.


Tactical learner-

Get some magnetic letters at the dollar store and a cookie sheet. Next, allow your child to build the words. Then mix up the letters and have them do it over again.

Get a roast pan fill with flour, shaving cream, or rice and allow your child to write their words in the provided substance.

Make a movement that goes with every word or letter

Write the words multiple times in pencil, crayon, or paint.

Auditory learner-

Have the students record themselves spelling their words for playback.

Ask the student how to spell the word and have them spell them back out loud.

Pair a musical beat to the spelling, for example, the song B-i-n-g-o (I used this melody to teach my son how to spell his name)

Clap while spelling the words.