Ask A Teacher: How do I teach my child to be thankful?

How do you teach children to be thankful?

The answer is simple, lead by example. We make a point of saying what we are thankful for each night. We remind our children that we are lucky to have the things we do and we need to appreciate what we have instead of always wanting new things.

Another way to teach thankfulness is to take things away when children do not appreciate them. I know it sounds harsh but, we often do not miss things unless we are without. I have to say, I take the fact that we have running water for granted. This was until we didn’t have waterlast week. It was only for a couple of hours while they repaired the water main break, but it felt like it was forever. When the water wasn’t on we talked about all of the things we use water for. We also talked about what it must have been like not to have water that comes to your house simply by turning on the faucet.

When you celebrate today with your family, think about the reason for your meal and be thankful. We go around the table and tell everyone why we are thankful. I think what I have to say this year will be a great gift to our family. If you are not having a feast, be thankful that you are alive and well. The world has so many people who have less and who do with less everyday. We must be mindful of how lucky we are even if sometimes we do not feel so lucky.