Ask A Teacher: How do you keep a teen out of trouble?

The best way to keep any person out of trouble is to keep them busy. This does not mean drag them to every activity you want them to do. Rather it means help them find a passion. Then support this passion and enable your teenage to pursue their dreams. I came across this site that helps teens achieve their dreams.

The Do Something site provides grants $500 and up to student with innovative ideas.

I realize my high school years were filled with tons of fun but also coupled with a lot of community service. I was busy working, reading to under privileged children, visiting nursing homes, making changes in the school via student government, and studying. I had plenty of friends, did well in school and found the beach. What I didn’t find was trouble. I stayed away from the drugs and drinking because I didn’t need it to prove who I was. The strong sense of self was achieved by figuring out early what was important. I am not an angel nor have I ever been but my naughty events were very limited and the amount of good done was extensive. The obligations and sense of community I developed are still with me. I now teach my children compassion, understanding, and service by exposing them to experience and events that lead to understanding others. I hope it will allow them to stand by who they are and not fall for anything. What are some ideas you have for keeping teens out of trouble?