Back to Balance – Getting Ready for a 10K Race


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Finding a way to get my healthy eating and activity levels back to balance has always been hard for me. We all get off track whether it is the holidays or a family crisis, there are times in life when we just don’t take care of ourselves as well as we should. For me from past experiences I know what does and doesn’t work. Having a goal to get healthy is too vague and doesn’t give me anything concrete to work towards. Instead I know that I need a hard deadline and a very clear achievable goal. I also need a plan. Now it is time to lay out my game plan for achieving this goal. I need to focus on eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.

Back to Balance through Eating Right

I need to remember that eating right is choosing to eat healthy one meal or one snack at a time. Because if I eat something that I know is bad for me I do not want to fall into the mindset that my healthy eating for the day or week is ruined so I can just eat whatever I want. If I make a bad choice it is one bad choice. An isolated incident. The next meal is a new chance to make a healthy choice. I also know I have a very demanding sweet tooth. So instead of my regular stash of chocolate I am stocking up on healthier sweet treats and at the top of my list are SKINNY COW® Iced Coffee Drinks, Frozen Snacks, and Chocolatey Treats.

Instead of choosing a high calorie iced coffee from a coffee shop I will choose to have a SKINNY COW® Iced Coffee Drink. Instead of having 3 squares of my usual chocolate with over 200 calories, I will switch to SKINNY COW®Divine Chocolatey Treats with only a 130 calories. Every good decision counts. Every step in the right direction counts no matter how small.

Finding a way to get my healthy eating and activity levels back to balance is easier with the help of Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Drink and sweet treats.

Back To Balance with More Activity

I need to move my body to get it back to balance. I need to move my body to keep it healthy. I NEED TO MOVE MY BODY! So, just like my healthy eating depends on making one good choice at a time so does improving my fitness. I am starting with one activity at the gym at a time. This week I took a new class and I loved it. Having fun while exercising is so important to me. I need the activity to be fun to help distract me from the sweat and exertion. Mind over body is easier when it is fun. Each time I choose to be active it brings me closer to my goal of getting back to balance. To give myself a little extra incentive I have decided to run a 10K race.  This year I am signing up for the Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10K. Yep 6.2 miles of torture ahem I mean running. I am starting with one step at a time and one healthy choice at a time to get my body back in shape to be able to run the entire race. Finishing the race is what counts as success for me!


Finding a way to get my healthy eating and activity levels back to balance is easier with the help of Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Drink and sweet treats.


Back to Balance through more sleep

Okay, I am definitely a night owl and certainly not a morning person. That being said I tend to stay up too late and since I have small children I usually end up having to get up early. Even if I do get to sleep in I never feel rested. I think this has a lot to do with my lack of a strict bedtime and wake up time. Think about it, when we sleep train our children the two basic absolute rules are that sleep = more sleep and be consistent with nap and bed times. This consistency helps their bodies know when to fall asleep. So why shouldn’t this apply to adults as well. A friend of mine, on the advice of a sleep doctor, recently started going to bed the same time every night and setting an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning. Yes even on the weekend. She shared with me that since doing this she feels well rested, falls asleep easily, and stays asleep all night almost every night. So I am going to give this a try. I will go to bed at 11PM and get up at 7AM. Getting up in the morning should be easier when I can wake up to a delicious SKINNY COW® Iced Coffee Drink.


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Have the whirlwind of holidays and the start of a new year thrown you off balance? Has a family emergency or illness left you feeling rundown? Do you have any plans for getting back to balance?  What is your favorite SKINNY COW® product? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.

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