iPad Repair Cracked Screen

ipad screen repair

    iPad Repair Cracked Screen

It happened again. I mean again they cracked my screen. The first time I walked into apple only to be told they would take my iPad and charge me several hundred dollars for a refurbished one. I didn’t take that option. I instead went to the place in the mall to repair my iPad. The did so for $150.00. I was desperate. It never occurred to me that I could do it myself for a lot less that was until it happened again and my screen was again cracked. I bet you are thinking why doesn’t she have a cover on it. I did. I had a $150 out of warranty cover on it. It obviously doesn’t work if your child walks on your iPad. No, I have no idea how my iPad moved from my desk to the floor in another room and then it end up under someone’s foot but it happens. I have three kids and unless something has a leash with an alarm it isn’t where I left it unless of course it is dirty dishes. They stay where you leave them. This is how I repaired my Ipad’s cracked screen.

iPad Repair Cracked Screen

1) What model do you have? Make sure you  know. Go look at the box

2) Head to Amazon and find your Ipad Replacement screenir?t=madadeal 20&l=ur2&o=1 <—-

3) Order it

4) Once it comes in set up your table by placing newspaper on the table

5) Get safety goggles and gloves you will be working with glass

6) Turn on your computer and watch this you tube video several times before you attempt this job. This is the video for the iPad 2 that I used. You can look on youtube for an Ipad Screen Replacement video for yours. Pay attention to wear the unit is glued and where certain components are so you do not break anything while repairing the unit.

7) Complete the repair by following the directions

8) Do not glue the unit back until you test things like power, tracking, and until volume. It is also necessary to test your ability to get wifi.

9) Once you have establish that your device works glue it back together carefully

10) Let the glue dry

You have just saved yourself hundreds. We have repaired two iPads this way and one samsung gallery tablet. It takes time but it is under $20.00 as opposed to over a hundred dollars.

If all else fails and you need to make an ipad purchaseir?t=madadeal 20&l=ur2&o=1 this is where I found the best prices.