Baked Bread Bowl Sandwich Recipe

This bread bowl sandwich recipe is a great alternative to a traditional sandwich. We usually have it for dinner but if I have a house full of guests I wow them with these sandwiches for lunch.

Need a new recipe for lunch try our bread bowl sandwich recipe


The bread bowl sandwich recipe is not just your typical boring sandwich. It has caramelized onions and gets baked in the oven so the cheese is melted and the bread is crusty and warm.

Hillshire farms naturals ham slices for bread bowl sandwhich recipe

Baked Bread Bowl Sandwich Recipe


sliced lunchmeat – You choose your favorite.  We used the slow roasted turkey and black forest ham

sliced cheese – Again this is up to you , think about the flavor that compliments your lunchmeat. We chose colby jack.

fresh spinach

caramelized onions

mayonnaise, honey mustard or your favorite sandwich spread – for this sandwich I used mayonnaise.

bread bowl – You can use any kind you like, we usually pick sourdough or whole wheat. Flatter rounder bowls work better than a taller deeper bowl.

all the ingredients you need to make ou rbread bowl sandwich recipe


Preheat oven to 350ºF. Slice the top off the bread bowl. Hollow out the bread bowl by pinching and pulling out the soft bread in the middle, be sure to leave the outside intact.

empty bread bowl for bread bowl sandwich recipe


Spread mayonnaise on the top slice and on the bottom and side of the hollowed out bread bowl. Layer lunchmeat and cheese in the bread bowl. Top with fresh spinach leaves. Add the caramelized onions and finally put the “lid” or top slice back on the bowl. Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes until sandwich is hot and cheese is slightly melted inside.

bread bowl sandwich recipe, baked and sliced


Our recipe is simple but oh so delicious. The bread is crusty and warm. The cheese is gooey and melted. Yummm! You can turn any lunch or dinner into a gourmet event with this bread bowl sandwich recipe Get creative and tell us what kind of sandwich you would make in a bread bowl.


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